Compare and Contrast:

Compare the (similar) opening skits of Late Night With Conan O’Brien debut with Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien debut .  The biggest fault with the bit in 1993 was the Horse speak thing.  The biggest problem with the bit in 2009 is the sort of standard mid-moment pause.

Obama should put Mitt Romney in Charge of GM
Michael Moore’s proposed plan for GM
Socialism is on the March, charting the “Significant Portion of American Capitalism” the GM deal just devoured

“Answers in Genesis”:  What a Bizarre Ad Campaign.

It’s Kim Jong-un!

The anniversy of the defeated Revolution (Tiananmen Square) will Not Be Twittered.

Ralph Nader discusses his allegation (not denied)  that DNC Chair Terry McAullife tried to bribe him out of the 2004 race
A Washington Post correction regarding McAullife

The Real Making of the President 1960 — the Debunking comes almost 50 years later

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