Something just happen today?

It’s interesting to see how people slash and dash pictures to songs for The Kinks’ “Catch Me Now (I’m Falling)”, a song which probably was tossed into some radio playlists about 9/11, and which the first non-concert and non-cover youtube I get is this — final image is a stock portfolio chart plunging, and the image that comes up with “Catch me now I’m falling” first plays is the World Trade Center in flames.

This brings to mind the commentary from the weeks following 9/11, as the site was being excavated, which drew the Flag being Raised at the WTC with the Flag Being Raised at Iwo Jima.  (Incidentally, posed after battle.)  The line this evokes from The Star Spangled Banner, “Gave proof through the night, that the Flag was still there.”  The “Star Spangled Banner”, and I would link the the Negativland rendition from youtube, but I can’t find it, so this will suffice  (Just $2.08, you say?).  It is a war song, regarding battered battleground, message being that even in the Face of Destruction, the “Flag is Still there”.  That message accounts for its spontaneous outburst on Election Day at Pioneer Square.  The message falls somewhere between this and this.

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