Mayor Smad Amas

The first thing I heard when I turned on the radio this morning was a news item I guess I would have known if I were paying attention yesterday, as early as 4:00 pm at the Millawette Meek Mewsite. 

“And is the Mayor of Portland’s Career Over?  Later in the Hour.” 

So I did not know the news as of yet, and thus had to rumble through my thoughts to see if I can see what might possibly have happend to indicate any potential for Mayor Smad Amas’s career to be, quote – in – quote “Over”.  I had to weave back into cobwebs in my mind, and made one “OH.”  It’s… that thing, right?  The rumored sexual relation accused by that other gay guy who was thinking of running, right?  With the 18 year old Intern — Or, was it 17?

Actually I believe Mayor Smad Amas when he says it was past that age of 18, even as we’re in the “How can you trust”ville.  We’re in the realm of rationalizations here, and City council member Smad Amas would, in the midst of this, be able to rationalize 18.  But, there’s this thing one has to do when a rumor and allegation is made by a political opponent or potential opponent (as the case was here), particularly in the realm of Sex, which is to file it away for later and not be terribly surprised if its truthfulness comes to light — though, at the same time not terribly surprised if I never hear from it again (knowing full well that the Millawette Meeks and, as may be the case until corrupted by the hiring of the editor not experienced for her ‘Sustainability’ job of the mayors’ office — Portland Wercamy).  Hence I’m able to reach for that mental file between this teaser and the news to come to get to the “rumors are always true” (just ask Thomas Jefferson) not the least bit chagrined.

One thought I have regarding Mayor Smad Amas is that he might be breaking a Sacred Vow with his life partner if only there were a Sacred Vow legally sanctioned for him to have broken.

The answer to the question posed “Over?” — I doubt it.  Politicians have survived worst and more incriminating sex scandals, and Smad Amas has enough head of steam to blunt and suffer through the damange.  Should he survive?  Get back to me on that one.

Or, actually don’t.  I don’t much want to delve into Smad Amas, except perhaps to start scrambling around the letters to various city politicians’ names.

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