One step beyond crossing your ‘t’s,

There is this program produced for Cable Access television by the “Oregon Peace Party”.  You know the genre — it’s this chopped footage of crowds marching against the war — assorted causes smuggled in.  Flash to a speaker at a podium, hair blowing in the slight breeze, and a few sentences from him.  Flash back to crowd marching.  Flash to speaker.  Flash back to crowd.  Flash to speaker.  In this case, two out of the three speakers was Ralph Nader, which makes sense as the “Peace Party” was a party hashed together to get him a ballot line in this last election.

Mind you, this is being aired after the election.  But that’s sort of how Public Access works.  I think this one will work it’s way out of rotation eventually, but who can say?

The program goes through a loop of sorts, as this flourish is interrupted by a photograph of Dick Cheney, or of — I don’t remember — maybe Donald Rumsfeld?, if I had watched further probably of another figure.  Next to their faces, as if produced on power-point, is a quotation from them — all very scary.  And the screen dissolves to a new screen, after which we get back to the boisterous crowd marching (shot taken from the front).  The new screen reads:

“The Oregon Peace Party.  Your Anidote for Dick Cheney.”


Maybe I’m not one to throw stones, as this blog is littered to the gills with various typographical infractions, but there are very few words being shown in this make-shift promotional advance for the “Oregon Peace Party”.  Doesn’t Powerpoint have an automatic spell check?

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  1. Justin Says:

    Small update: sometime late in the evening yesterday, I started to worry that there was indeed the word “anidote”, which had me spinning into some dictionaries, and — no, there is no word “anidote”.

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