Political Ramifications of things we don’t like to think in terms of political ramifications

I suppose that there are issues swirling around with the vice presidents — Biden says something which the McCain / Palin ticket is running with, and whose controversy mostly just exposes it as something of the “Say Nothing” nature of a presidential campaign; Palin says something which contradicts McCain’s position.  (Or, if we are on edge about the existence of a controversy, it does not speak too well for how we think about presidential elections.)

Notwithstanding that, and while it is uncomfortable to see this, of all things, in crass political horse race terms — Obama goes off to Hawaii to care for his ailing grandma — I point out that, like the Powell endorsement, it kills a couple days in the Tedious Presidential Campaign — ensures a few days of fuzzy news coverage of Obama’s upbringing — blazened next to McCain decrying the Socialist Menace.  Or, in terms of that last post on the Powell endorsement — another first down.

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