Loudon County’s Stupidest and Most Pointless Soap Opera

Item #1:  Jeffry Steinberg came back from Florida with a tan.  It’s the talk of Leesburg.  I guess.  What I really want to know, though, is who keeps stealing the Tab from the bottom of the frigerator?  That’s Papert’s property!

Item #2:  Mr. Ossifur continues his advocacy on behalf of merging Larouchianism with the field of Cryonics.  He asserts that he is “the only person in cryonics who is looking at cryonics from a larouche perspective.”  This strikes me as quite the booby prize — CONGRATULATIONS.  A real Rebel Without a Cause, he.  On the Run, Under the Gun.  Further proof of the British control of the Vast Cryonics community can be found, as pointed out here, by a post at “Cryonics Chat” from Alvin praising British funding for some Scientific research.  The British Empire is on the way out, though, to be replaced by FDR / Larouche.  Which is great, because he watched some webcast of Larouche and thinks he saw him reference some life-extension, meaning his leader may just be slowly Cyronically freezing himself while he’s still alive.

Item #3:  A neo-nazi posting under the banner of David Duke at the web’s pre-eminent neo-nazi website agrees with Dennis King’s “code words”.  Go to the amazon.com reviews on Dennis King’s book for a bemusing Larouchie mocking this grand concept.  Anyway, I guess I’ll file that away into a mental folder if revenire shows up and mentions it.

Item #4:  For the Kremlinologist:  Helga Zepp is featured prominently on the sidebar of the larouche pages, demanding that “Ibero-America” sign a petition for food.  Or… we sign a petition to get “Ibero-America” food.  Or food will be transported to “Ibero-America” thanks to a petition.  At any rate, her huge face dons the side of these web-pages, and that’s what’s important.  No word on whether she is well tanned.

Item #5:  Also flogged, Steinberg appears on Russian Television.  We have seen the future. Russian Authoratarian Government Coddling.  They are now publishing their emittions in Russian, apparently.  Weee!  (Also the future for Steinberg: George Soros conspiratorial bashing. (Feeding into a niche in the political spectrum for the moment.)

Item #6:  So.  Webster Tarpley.  What can one say?  He gets around a bit.  Recently bumped into nooks and crannies of the blogosphers due to interjecting himself in that whole “PUMA” thing.  The upshot is that everyone refers to him as a “Larouche associate”, or — at best, and I suppose more accurately, “one stepped removed”, by way of dismissing the largely easily dismissable “PUMA” movement.  It is kind of amusing, though I wish I had a clearer idea of what is the modern day connection.  Skip to wikipedia, where Chip Berlet argured about the proper place for the Larouche connection on that page.   Out of curiosity, I wondered how this meets a far more sympathetic figure in Robert Zubrin — who, I don’t know, doesn’t carry as much of that into his later career.  In between these two (sounds like he’s still in versus would never know) would be Robert Dreyfss (explains some things), whose wikipedia entry seems to have a “feel justified” mentioning because “The “about author” section includes photos of Dreyfuss and his biography from this period.”  (The discussion page reveals no controversy on the matter, though.)  As for Tarpley — flag him.  The Democratic Convention is this week, and he’s sure to show up somewhere, flogging his anti-Obama book and perhaps tying himself into the “birth certificate” nonsense.

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  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    You can expect to see the LaRouchies out “in force” at Denver. Unfortunately (for them, not us), their “force” isn’t too impressive. And I imagine their singing hasn’t gotten any better either. Guffaw.

    As for Helga and her endless petitions–see factnet for a recent Eaglebeak comment, and then ensuing discussion from Borisbad, LaRouchetruth, Xlcr, et al. on a Helga petition to beg someone to make the Americans act like Ben Franklin. Or something.

    As I recall vividly, personally, having sat thru way too many meetings with Helga, Lyn, and the Leadership of the Org, Helga is probably the worst organizer, or rather, the worst conceptualizer of organizing, I’ve ever known, and that’s saying a lot, considering how much time I spent in the “Icy LC.”

    This explains why the organization in Europe was truly microscopic. I’m sure any time anyone had a good organizing idea, Helga scotched it in favor of a petition to beg Zeus for a thunderclap or something.

    U.S. organizing wasn’t too slick either, but at least we didn’t spend our lives dreaming up stupid new petitions. Altho’ whenever Helga thought of one, we had to schlep it around.

    We must have gathered millions of signatures (over many years) calling on Clinton to “exonerate” LaRouche. Now of course, Clinton could’ve pardoned LaRouche (of which there was no chance), but the only thing that could’ve exonerated LaRouche would have been a new trial where he was shown to be innocent.

    Of that there was no chance either, but somehow Lyn clung to the notion that Clinton could wave a wand and “exonerate” him. And Lyn sure didn’t want a new trial. Well, maybe he did, but Legal (Barbara, Bruce, etc.) sure didn’t want another LaRouche trial.

    Every time Lyn got near a courtroom something dreadful happened. And although Barbara may deny it vehemently to this minute, she knows it’s true.

  2. jack Says:

    La Rouche’s cult is his failing – his analysis is brilliant — Tarpley is reasonably humble – his writing is 10 times better and his research is dead-on accurate — anyone hitching hopes and dreams to any political celebrity will hate him because he pulls no punches – they’re all puppets and nobody wants to hear that essentially whomever you vote for, it’s a wasted vote — none desperate for Obama to take the Oval Office over McCaine will like reading Tarpley’s book, which details Brzezinski’s influence and goal — you may feel that good-guy-in-appearance- econo-libs like Soros and Buffet don’t deserve vilification – sorry to report, but their in it up to their eye brows – what’s the chance of this coincidence? – Warren Buffet receives George Bush at Offut Air Force Base on 9/11. Why? Obviously, to deliver George his marching orders: Launch the Global War Of Terror, call Putin and tell him he’d better no interfere. It’s all in Tarpley’s book, “9/11 Synthetic Terror – Made in USA.”

  3. Justin Says:

    [i]La Rouche’s cult is his failing – his analysis is brilliant[/i]

    Just ask Bloomberg, his fascination for the past year, and he who was magically going to be on the Republican Presidential ticket.

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