Neo-nazis, part two

Somewhere in mulling the problematics of my recent comment from Bill White, which is that in response to perhaps a bit too vague a question he responded with “Since you asked” and went on to answer an unasked question, I clicked over to Bill White’s website, — and at the top of the page sat this editorial:

Today’s Neo-Nazis Have No Respect for Tradition By Karl Quandt.

The other week, I read that the founder of the National Vanguard is in the clink for having child pornography in his computer. What is going on with today’s white nationalists? Here it is, 2007, and global Aryan supremacy is no closer to becoming a reality than it was 60 years ago. I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of this new generation. These kids today are making a disgrace of neo-Nazism.

In my day, it wasn’t just about mindless hate—we hated because we stood for something. Namely, tradition, discipline, and self-respect: values that these low-life punks have no comprehension of whatsoever. We exalted our glorious forebears, in Germany as well as the United States. But who today remembers the great American neo-Nazi leaders like George Lincoln Rockwell or Matt Koehl? Who honors the great heroes and martyrs of the National Socialist White People’s Party?

It’s enough to make me ashamed to be a neo-Nazi.

You can’t just call yourself the Master Race—you have to act like it, and hold yourself to a higher standard than those you despise and wish to exterminate. Have you seen the way these kids dress? Their idea of a “uniform” is a T-shirt and combat boots. The rural militias are even worse, with their filthy fatigues and long hair and beer guts. Excuse me, but I hardly think hillbilly rejects are what our great Führer had in mind when he dreamed of a world filled with Aryan supermen. I wouldn’t even let them in my front door, let alone conspire with them to blow up a synagogue.

Reading through this, and looking over the rest of the site — which saw items I suppose you would expect from the “Matt Drudge of the neo-nazi world”, and Bill White’s current defense of Zirkel, and current brohauhau with wonkette and littlegreenfootballs (the latter referred to as yellow chickens, or thereabouts), this particular editorial confounded me.  My question was simply, “Is this a joke?”

And then I saw the link to where it came from, and got my answer:  Yes.  Yes it is a joke.  Thank you very much, you’ve all been great.  Which begs a new question, what did the neo-nazi posting it think it was?  Did they have a hearty laugh or did they shake their head in agreeement?  Is this the case where they surf around the web and post items in a sort of vanity-sakes which reference the “neo-nazi” movement, no matter what light it falls under, The Onion giving press to the Movement and that’s a good thing?

Looking about the Internet, I see that Bill White has just passed through legal disputes over a fairly obnoxious matter against one blogger at the conservative blog “littlegreenfootballs” and another at the liberal blog “wonkette”.  (Based off of coverage of the Zirkel matter.)

Jumping through the hoops of allegations of Soliciting Murder of two bloggers.  Interesting.  I think it may be best that I scuttle away my question for an explanation for the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party’s history, which I don’t think he has an answer for anyway, and walk away from the matter.

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  1. revenire Says:

    u want a nazi? look at george bush or cheney etc. and the rest of the war criminals that have broken US law and attempted to impose fascism on the nation… all while you sit on your blog, with all 7 people that read it, doing nothing to stop it

    you are really a jumper aren’t you?

    a worthless life…

    make something of yourself, like ken kronberg did with his life

    who cares about his wife? did it ever occur to any of you clowns that husbands and wives sometimes don’t get along? they call the end of a marriage d-i-v-o-r-c-e

    i don’t care what molly says now — ken isn’t here to speak and anyone who comes around and claims to have “known” ken can go jump off a bridge for all i care

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