The NRSC doesn’t even believe itself

Amusing is to look at the propaganda outlets for the Senatorial campaign committees of the two political parties, by way of the “National Republican Senatorial Committee” and the “Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee”.  This being a terrible year for the Republicans with a terrible map before them, their page is naturally going to be more screwy.  Take a look at the icons for the various specific campaigns, starting with the only seriously (though maybe not) vulnerable Democratic seat — Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, and running through the eight Democratic challengers of the eight most vulnerable Republican seats.  Nobody anywhere believes that the Republicans are going to be able to recapture the Senate, but to keep the illusion for their page I am guessing that the NRSC really needs to place, at the very least, a second Democratic Senate incumbent up to rationalize the “TWO Seats to Capture the Senate”.  I don’t care if they decide to throw New Jersey up there, or South Dakota, or a write-in bid for Arkansas, just… SOMETHING.

Beyond that, my favorite of the icons has to be “Boulder Liberal Mark Udall”.  Granted, they found a suitably ridiculously harsh image for Minnesota’s Al Franken (as with Mark Warner, but I have to say they somehow fell on their face with Jeff Merkley), but nothing here beats the mish mash of rainbow coloring and flag burning that sits astride Mark Udall.  A burning flag image?  Really?

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