Fringer’s Fringer

I hate my blog sometimes.  Other people have normal blogs and receive normal comments from normal people about normal things.  My mother, for instance.  She has a blog.  It’s the type of blog that you can show to your mother, and your mother would feel more than comfortable leaving a comment there.

Me?  Oh sure, I can tap on the shoulders of a local cartoonist or a famous children’s book author every once in a while.  Or fall into some local electoral politics and mix some things up there.  But otherwise I am swirling around events from Leesburg.  And, seemingly just so the blog fates can mock me, I squeeze out something for the latest cause de jour for Bill White, and receive a comment from this proprietor of, reportedly, the second largest neo-Nazi website.

What is wrong with me?  What is wrong with my blog?

Actually, regarding Mike White, of  Trumpeting his ideology in White supremacism is an ideology I will call shameless self-promotion, for instance inserting a fictional account of him meeting with Ron Paul people to discuss a supposed Ron Paul covert neo-nazi agenda.  But, what I sort of know him as is the dual bit of particulars discussed here — ie: he managed to insert himself into news coverage of two school shootings.  An unbelievable, somewhat darkly amusing, feat.

Which brings me to my line of questioning for Bill White.  The Libertartarian National Socialist Green Party(!!!)  What is the thoroughline which connects the two seemingly different strands of “the party”: seemingly an esoteric joke website, then a deadly serious website of neo-nazi ideology?  Who, manning the controls, shifted the focus and, precisely, when?  And when, oh when, did Bill White become anything of a “spokes-person” for the thing — What?  He was tapped for membership when Jeffrey Weisz went on that rampage in Minnesota, and that was that?

As for the Indiana candidate in question, Tony Zirkle: White provides us with a typical supposing of mass support for a candidate who once received 30 percent in a Republican primary and is not about to achieve 30 percent anytime soon.  I suppose such delusion clouds every corner of the ideological spectrum, it’s just that it’s more ridiculous a fantasy off to the fringes, basically by definition.

2 Responses to “Fringer’s Fringer”

  1. Bill White Says:

    Bill White.

    School shooting are caused by the identity-less nature of modernism — really, the aspect of modernism that individuates beings, stripping them from their collective wholes and reducing them to mere nothings, alone in the world, and without any root to cling to.

    Its probably too hard for you to understand, but you did ask.

  2. Justin Says:

    No, actually I did not ask that question, but I gather it is a question you like to answer so I am pleased that you answered your own question. What I asked concerns the history of the “Libertarian National Socialist Green Party” and your role in said, perhaps a more esoteric matter but a matter of curiosity for me nonetheless. The matter of school shootings and Columbine, my puzzlement centers more on the supposed “cell” than anything else.

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