So, on the front page of the shrinking and shirking local newspaper of record, there was this “Consumer Spotlight” feature telling us all that a large coffee chain of some fame is going to be closed for three hours.  A coup for this large coffee chain — a chain I do not have particular aminus against — it has created a market by which small coffee stores have thrived — meaning it is not Wal-Mart in its effect on local economies — though, at the same time they occasionally buy a small local chain for the sole purpose of eliminating that competitor — meaning it sometimes is Wal-Mart…

I am not entirely sure why I should have been alerted to their three hour publicity stunt on the front page of the local newspaper.  Did they pay for a front page advertisement in addition to their couple of news stories in the “Business” section over two days?

I will note that the paper’s front page has ceased blaring across the top fold of its front page the Trailblazers’ results for the previous game.  When the team was generally winning, particularly during their 13 game winning streak, this was de riguour.  I guess Blazer-Mania has a ways to go, and losing does not sell the papers as surely as winning does.  Say, have you heard — Oden has endorsed Obama.  Meaning what, who knows?

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