Barack Obama: Worst. Hitler. Ever.

Seems like a cult to me. All the elements of cultism are there. It’s disturbing. Now I know how Hilter won Germany.

Hm. Yes. Obama. Very Hitler-esque. And his crowds — mindlessly devoted to Obama.

Why, The Weekly Standard published a piece on the startling going-ons of these Nuremburg – style Rallies, from January we get this, and the single-minded “Destroy All Dissenters, Take No Prisoners” attitude of this Hitlerian Obama guy:

A few minutes after Obama took the stage, a group of about a dozen protesters in the balcony interrupted him, chanting, “Abortion is abomination!” This sort of thing happens all the time at political events. Sometimes the intruders are the “community of peacemakers” who call themselves Code Pink, sometimes they’re LaRouchies. When anti-abortion folks disrupt an event, the response is usually the same: The pro-abortion audience heckles the banner-wielding protesters; the speaker tosses off a barb or two; security escorts the demonstrators away; and the audience cheers, partly in self-satisfaction, partly in derision at the rubes who think babies are not choices.

But at the Obama event, something extraordinary happened. The protesters chanted “Abortion is abomination!” Obama lost his place in his speech and stared up into the balcony, looking to see who was interrupting him. The crowd began booing lustily, and suddenly Obama turned on them.

“There’s no need to boo,” he chastised them. After silencing the crowd, Obama turned back to the protesters and said he appreciated their point and would be happy to talk with them afterwards if they’d let him finish his speech. The protesters continued, and the crowd, thinking Obama simply didn’t want them to be negative, tried shouting them down, chanting “Obama! Obama!”

At which point Obama turned on them again. “Hold up,” he commanded. “This is an example of nobody hearing each other.” The Obama partisans desisted once more. The anti-abortion chanters continued, and Obama tried to engage them. “For die folks who are opposed to abortion, I understand your position, but this isn’t going to solve anything,” he said plaintively. He gave them time to make their point, and eventually they were led away.

The crowd cheered wildly as the demonstrators were taken down the back staircase by the local police, and here Obama cut dirough the applause to lecture them one final time. “Let me just say this, though,” he said. “Those people got organized to do that And that is part of the American tradition we are proud of. And that’s hard, too-standing in the midst of people who don’t agree with you and letting your voice be heard.” The audience, a bit stunned, didn’t quite know what to make of this.

I didn’t either. From my point of view, it would be much better if Barack Obama were willing to help protect the lives of the unborn. Still, his treatment of those protesters-and especially his treatment of his own supporters-spoke to his intellectual seriousness and his temperament, both of which seem to be first rate.

Honestly, I gather the Obama-followers will stop following him somewhere short of his invasion of Poland.

For a critical piece on Obama, still seemingly the most telling for his short career — and not quite a deal-breaker against him but a cautionary note, Harpers published this, which is something I need to re-read and re-appraise right about now.

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  1. Shane Says:

    I despise Obama, but this article makes no sense…

  2. College educated coastal city resident. Says:

    You are fucking stupid.

  3. Bill Says:

    What is the point of this article?? That makes no sense.

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