Mitt Romney: Solid Conservative Bullwark

I do not fully understand the animosity toward John McCain, as exemplified by conservative talk radio hosts’ animosity.  It is not so much policy differences that I can’t understand, as how it is one can guage the politicians and deem Mitt Romney more to their liking.

Moreso their former embrace of Rudy Giuliani, frequent guest to Sean Hannity

I listened yesterday to Mark Levine, and heard Levine dare you to name what Huckabee or McCain have done to battle Civil Unions against the embrace of Activist Judges… Romney having gone to the mat against that court decision.

Never mind, Romney’s campaign against Ted Kennedyand his declaration of being more gay-friendly than Kennedy.

One year ago I’m pretty sure Levine would have easily used the words “flipper” to describe Romney.

Splitting this apart, I think one can splice together priorities.  A couple months ago, I heard a James Dobsonconervative Christian type bash McCain on Campaign Finance grounds — What would Jesus Do, indeed? Pat Robertson’s endorsement of Giuliani suggests that those social issues, at bottom, aren’t even terribly important.  (And McCain has a more consistent track record for these things than Mitt Romney.)

So it boils down to what?  Torture and Water-boarding, which McCain does not glom, and apparently the 100 year old promise is not even enough to cover their difference of opinion on this matter.  (What Would Jesus Do?)  And… Immigration.  Interesting, as I suppose McCain went to bat for that more so than the others.

History swerves a bit awkwardly.  Mitt Romney is now tightly winding himself ever more with the Republican talk radio crowd, and he is welcome to it.  The interviews will add more to the list of flips and flops, by their very nature, unless he can step into the realm of platitudes — which is too his wheel-house.

All of which is meaningless except in the realm of comedic gist, as McCain is more than the Presumptive Nominee.

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  1. Cindi Says:

    Not only has McCain betrayed the Republican Party, just look at his “dealings” on other matters, such as bold face lies regarding Romney. He takes things and completely twists them aroud i.e. Dole comments, timed withdrawl comments etc. McCain is simply not an honorable man. Yes he can joke around, and bully his collegues but I don’t want a schoolyard playmate, I want a leader that is intellegent, creative, thoughtful and honest. Oh, yes, that looks like Mitt Romney. Just Look at the way McCain conducts himself, and even Huckabee for that matter. They are religious bigots and jealous of Romneys success in the real world, outside the Beltway Bubble. Romney if far more presidential, as he does not stoop to name calling. He sticks to the issues – which is the sign of real intellegence and dicipline – not hot air.

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