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Apparently the Patriots were all set to trade-mark the phrase “19-0″.  Interesting, as skimming through Sports Commentary, the plight of the Patriots is being compared with the undefeated UNLV basketball team who lost to Duke in the Final Four, and I believe that means that team would have been 19 and 0 at some point.  Meaning, that team would not have been allowed to start game #20 by yelling “Your 19 – 0 UNLV” whatever their mascot is… much as you cannot shout out “Let’s Get Ready to…” at a public event.

I am tempted to suggest that the Patriots should now be forced to trademark “18-1″, but it seems that the New York Post has done so — or is goofing around with that possibility.  Ah well.

During the 2000 election, Ralph Nader ran into some legal brohauhau when Mastercard charged that they had trademarked the word “Priceless”, which was being used in his parody campaign ads.  It was a jarring declaration.  Any number of items have been patented which should not be allowed to be patented with corporations wanting to keep ott market and control technology, what turns of phrase have been trademarked we cannot quite know in full.

I suggest that the Seattle Seahawks should go ahead and trademark “8-8″, the most common record an NFL team gets.  This way, every team that finishes at 8-8 will have to pay them.  Or… something.

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  1. Language for Sale Says:

    I am going to trademark the word “the”. 😉

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