Mitt Romney

I am having trouble finding a description of an item from the Mitt Romney campaign.  I do believe it comes with the same event as the one where Romney awkwardly shouted out “Who Let the Dogs Out?”, which whatever you can say about — never mind the idea that it would be the first thing Romney apparently scans out of his mind to associate with while entertaining a predominantly black crowd on Martin Luther King Jr, Day is a one hit wonder anthem from 2001 or therabouts — is better than an anecdote I cannot immediately locate on where someone on a long bus ride name checked to a black passenger Arsenio Hall — this being a few years ago, 2003 or 2004.  And it is not on par with Mitt Romney pressing the flesh and…

… smilingly telling a mother that her baby son looks like Michael Jordan.

The two characteristics which make one look like Michael Jordan, I suppose, would be #1: black skin, and #2: Baldness.

Most babies are bald, I believe.

Maybe he had previously displayed a good vertical leap?  That’s… Michael Jordan-esque.

Incidentally, in scanning to try to find this, I note that Michael Jordan has sent donations to Barack Obama’s campaign.  I also note the news-report refers to Jordan as co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, because, you know, um… that’s the NBA franchise everyone will always associates him with.
Next, Mitt Romney will join with an event full of Hicks and compete with Huckabee by telling them that his popcorned squirrels were…

I don’t know what might be more impressive in the arena of popcorning squirrels, and further dredge someone to the common clay.  Can one assuage Mormon concerns by suggesting it was picked up in the days of the Mormon fore-fathers for survival?  I don’t know..

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