Storm Front


Some larouchies are recruiting and pitching their stuff in front of the mall over this Holiday season, others apparently see an opening, um, elsewhere.

Forget about “God”–I don’t care if you “believe in God,” and neither does Mr. LaRouche. Forget about your “politics.” All that matters are the ideas, here. Belief in the white race, we have in spades; keep that in your back pocket at all times. Religion is private. Faith, however, and, more importantly, here, Ideas are public. Find “God” on your own time–but, for Christ’s sake–for Europa’s sake, if nothing else–I highly, nearly stridently, urge you to work through this book, or, at least, the first section,

Back in March, Steve told me to forget about the positions and pay attention to the Ideas.  Anyway, ideas, apparently, belief in the White Race, they have in spades.  Apparently.  For the good of Europa…

… and not Ibero-America.

Mental note: look back on the history of the poster.   I seem to recall him posting, seemingly appropo of nothing, a quotation from the cult leader which amounted to “Time to crack a few skulls”, anywhere between a year and 2 years ago.



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  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    What a surprise it would be to the yutes of the LYM to discover all the sinister circles LaRouche has been associated with, of which stormfront is one example.

    Willis Carto? Mitch WerBell? Louis Farrakhan? Mirza Beg? the Zayed Centre?

    And many more whom I will mention some day, when the time is right.

    You can count on LaRouche to hook up with the far right wing and the far left wing–and you can count on him to abjure any relationship with anything normal.

  2. Dennis King Says:

    The sinister circles have included over the years: apartheid South Africa’s Bureau of State Security, the GAL death squads in Spain, serial coup leader Col. Seineldin and his “Painted Ones” in Argentina, PRI officials in Mexico linked to the murderous paramilitaries in Chiapas, the Guatemalan military during their rampages through the highlands, Colombian death squad sponsor Harold Bedoya, and oh yes the delightful Sudanese regime responsible for all that slaughter in Dofar. LaRouche never met a human rights abuser he couldn’t egg on to perpetrate more abuse. You can go to the documentation (of which much more is still to come) at

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