It dawned on me that the Republican nomination race looks something like this last College Football season. The rule of thumb is attrition — you stand at number one because somebody else has fallen.  John McCain is said to be making some kind of headway right about now.  His campaign had been in the tank previously, but the problem is nobody else looked good, and thus his resurrection, of sorts.

McCain is Ohio State. Lost to Illinois. Fell down and looked out of the national Championship picture.  But then everyone else lost, and …

I had thought that Huckabee might be the Republicans’ best chance.  But that was based on some vaguities that he might be able to fudge a bit, and also based on an assumption that his Evangelistic Right Wing Christianity wasn’t as far in that direction as it has turned out to have been — which he is playing to a greater hilt than I thought he might.  Now that I think about it, McCain probably remains “Most Electable” — the falling out based on his wrapping himself in the Bush Mantle in a manner that looked awkward and stunted — along with the Immigration Bit alienating the Republican base too a greater degree than is not insufferable, but upon reflection this is probably easily enough brushed aside for him to emerge back to that Media Darling and Mr. Sensible everyone loved when he was running in 2000, as well that there “Reform” of “McCain / Feingold”. No one’s paying attention; do-overs are possible.

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  1. T. Lassiter Jones Says:

    Scratch McCain’s composure even a little bit, though, like with an unscripted question, and the “Helter Skelter” craziness comes frothing to the surface. His one chance at the presidency would be to maintain a dignified silence from now through next November. Not likely.

  2. Justin Says:

    So here’s the question:

    Of the Republican field, who is the most likely to win the General Election? Who has the greatest upside, and the smallest downside?

    I’m stuck at McCain as the answer to that question.

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