serious infractions

I can’t quite say I am disappointed, because disappointment is something reserved for a mother who received the call that her child just stole a 6 pack of Coke from the grocery store.  Or for crudely drawn dogs to their crudely drawn adolescent owner.  This is quite a bit more drastic.

Go to the Friday Oregonian and read the first article on the front page of the Metro section.  Or look down the articles at oregonlive.  I would say then type his name into the search function on the sidebar, but even though I know a few conversations with him are on this blog a few times, it doesn’t pop up.  Google his name and something from me will pop up as number one.  If you then push the “images” at google you will not see the photograph I am referring to, but you will see one that would work in a pinch — a stand-off with his mouth agape.

It has been a few years since I have had any extended talk with him.  It has been less than that, somewhere between one and two years, since I’ve exchanged a “Hello” with him.  In the interium he disappeared into Arizona, for reasons that seem to have been explained.  I imagine any number of people reading that article, or seeing that news from elsewhere would have a bit of schadenfruede, mixed with the disgust… another hypocritical pious fundamentalist Christian nut-job, right?  I can’t say I do– I genuinely liked the fellow.  Sooner or later I will see him again, though here I would have his name followed by “Comma Sex Offender,” a millstone he will live with for the rest of his life and will, I guess, have to somehow configure with his judgemental explanation of Christianity.

Statistically speaking, we all know someone who has that dark secret — because statistically we all know a victim (the numbers are rather large) and the numbers would have to match up somehow.  The most famous figure in Oregon is that former governor, generally regarded as one of the state’s best — the media covered up his molesting of a young girl.

What can one say?  It is depressing, and I am somewhere beyond “disappointed”.

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