One brief observation: In terms of pure cyncism, I can imagine Larouche and the figures in the Boiler room in Loudon seeing it and finding vidication of their view as an evil agent visa vie her husband.

With an eye toward placing myself in the shoes of whomever is sitting in the boiler room in Loudon, dreaming up a good reaction to that Washington Monthly article, I think I can conjure something up.  Namely, one can defend how the cult has applied the Internet… and one can  exaggerate it to some unholy extent.

So, they should now pump out the propaganda focusing in on the vast innovative uses Larouche, Inc has employed with the Internet.  Those World Historic Web-casts he holds at a rapid clip, each more worldly historical than the last — depending on who you ask with an audience of either world dignitaries and repected figures in all endevors of politics and humanity, OR dedicated cult members and an assorted number of ex-members generally wathing for tea-leaf signs — but falling asleep out of boredom.

The rest are a bit too disreputable.  In olden times, when the Internet was just becoming a mass-medium and the angle of attraction was kooky and goofy item available — Larouche’s campaign website would tend to be listed off as items of curiosity.  Today we need a little bit more by way of two things:  somehow utilizing the Internet, as he managed his telex list and telephones in an earlier era, as a tool to get money out of different people’s bank accounts and into their bank accounts.  AND, equally tricky, creating a vast-enough Internet community for Larouchites while shielding them from the rest of the arena.

I cannot say for sure if this is organizational or just enterprising youth members, but there has been a long standing Wikipedia battle, focused on the Larouche entries but trickling out to every other topic of humanity.  To a great extent wikipedia has recently thrown their hands in the air and the Larouchies have had it confirmed that wikipedia is a vast anti-Larouchite organization.  Nonetheless, by dent of a strained balance in attempting the often-times false “synthesis antithesis synthesis” — dichtomy (whatever you might say about the takes of those two editors “CBerlet” and “GoodToBeKing” in editing those wikipedia entries, they are closer to reality than the Larouche cult members), they’ve succeeded in part (The long-time disclaimer at the top of the page on how he is perceived radically differently by two different camps has to be seen as a victory for the cult), even if at the end of the day the wikipedia articles are damning enough that wikipedia has to be a product of… I don’t know, the Ford Foundation?  All of which is to say, it’s a bit of a losing battle and I don’t know what a cult is supposed to do BUT to damned it in the eyes of their memberships — all this while engaging within something relatively sophisticated in handling one important piece of the Internet.

A free flow of information, and a ready access to materials previously not available, may just be something they have to juggle.  And what beyond the side-swap of myspace is there to be done?  Perhaps they need to create their own Larouche Myspace.  The good news with such a social networking site is that their “about me” page can already be pre-programmed: Musical prefence: Beethoveen, C=256.  And Rock is the Devil’s Music.  Hobbies: Doubling Squares.  Et al, et al.  Close comments to only Larouchies, except perhaps a pre-selected pre-screened available
 outsider comment of “I would like to hear more about the teachings and political causes of Lyndon Larouche.  When is the next cadre school introducting?”  (No other feeback necessary.)

Beyond all this, Larouchies needs to be peddling something tactile on campuses, which is an adaptation that can not be accomplished by converting literary output to a blog.  I suppose we will be hearing every detail on how a Gore talk was disrupted (while waiting in line), or how
 they crashed a state Democratic convention and managed the oh-so arduous task of getting them to sign onto Impeachment.  That’s part of the
 picture, but it doesn’t get to the level of “blanketing the nation” with the newness and Larouchianist.  The cadres are now apparently unloading their back stock of materials.  Maybe you will be able to pick up that old copy of “Is Dukakis the New Eagleton”?  [Or are they just handing out
 “The Economic Crisis of 2005”, with the year crossed out and stamped
 with “2007”?  I think “The End of the Truman Era” is rather out of time — available for resale at any time under the guise of any ideology he’s serving as a parasite for at the time — so they might be selling that one.

Actually, come to think of it, Larouche has already defended his role as Internet Visionary.  Incoherent as it is, that piece where Larouche jumps from a dinner party in the 1950s to Chomsky to Stephen Colbert with opaque references to seeing where myspace would take us and to Murdoch’s “pouch”?  There you go.  Larouche: Visionary.

I would not have used the “many of them are mentally unstable” in describing some of the LYM recruits, which does have a circle the drain effect if exploited well, and I can only assume it refers to… oh, “TimeForTruth”?

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  1. tuer07 Says:

    I don’t know whether some or any of the LYM recruits are mentally unstable. What is clear, however, is that LaRouche is increasingly mentally unstable, and no matter how far into nuttiness he goes, the leaders and the members are following him.

    In addition, more and more, it appears that it takes a certain amount of self-flagellation, or even self-hatred, to remain in the organization. Someone on factnet.org wrote recently: “For the ‘boomers,’ some of whom I once knew and are still some of the best people I have ever known in my life: why do you allow yourself to be vilified after years of your dedication?” LaRouche vilifies whatever is the most opportunist at the moment to vilify, and the members accept it because they have nowhere else to go, and, to the extent they can, they disassociate enough to believe that the attacks are not on them personally. It’s the “other” boomer, [or whatever LaRouche is attacking that day] that is the “problem,” not them. More likely, however, is the fact that the individual member believes that any attack on him/her is justified, like a dog that has been severely abused, they somehow believe that they are “bad” and deserve the abuse.

    It’s been said before, the meaner LaRouche gets, [and he is getting pretty mean in his dotage, i.e., his attacks on Ken Kronberg’s widow, Molly, make Simon Legree appear kind] the more the situation in the organization resembles that of battered spouse/children. On the one hand there is the mean, angry, irrational [and increasingly nuttier] LaRouche, and on the other hand there are all of these individuals, leaders and members alike, scrambling to appease LaRouche’s viciousness before the leader or member becomes a target.

  2. Justin Says:

    And so it goes… the commentary provided by eaglebreak included, commentary by others available at… you know where:.

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007


    The NEC/LYM meeting with Lyn on Tuesday night began with a report given by [redacted–ed.], which appears in summary form immediately below, of a discussion on Monday among some leading LYM
    organizers from around the country, to map out a serious upgrading of the political mobilization behind the HBPA. The report touched on the false dichotomy between “student organizing” and “political organizing” that has frequently come up as a roadblock to real political breakouts. [Translation: organizing isn’t going well. For a change.]

    Lyn took the issue up on a much higher, axiomatic level. [Of course he did.] The problem is, that the cultural environment in which the youth generation exists is dominated by My Space and computer games, which are both a form of British psyops, consciously aimed at trapping young people in total unreality. There are millions of young people who are literally not in the real world, as the result of their obsessive, compulsive addiction to My Space, video games, and similar things. So, if you get into the mode of “youth organizing,” you are walking into a trap. The key to political organizing is to get young people into the real world. [Translation: I fought the Internet, and the Internet won.]

    True leadership, Lyn emphasized, is always about going against popular opinion, especially when popular opinion is such a mess as it is now. Leadership is going against the grain, but you have to be right. [Details.] MySpace and computer games are typical of the problem. These are British psyops, right out of the Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, and Aldous Huxley crypt–aimed at rendering youth helpless. Computer technology, by the intent of the Russellites, is non-reality. It is a walk down the dark side of the British Empire. Why else would the likes of Rupert Murdoch, better referred to as Pooper Buttocks [Paging Dr. Freud! What is WRONG with this man?], be pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into these video and computer brain-eating monsters? [I dunno–to make money?]

  3. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Jeez, Pooper Buttocks doesn’t even SOUND like Rupert Murdoch. Don’t we all miss the good old days when Lyn’s puns weren’t scatalogical, senile, and stupid?–Wait! There WERE no good old days. His jokes were always scatalogical, senile, and stupid. And sophomoric, too.

    Oh, well.

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