John Kerry (suddenly in the news again) is a member of Skull and Bones, you hear.

Never. Ask. John Kerry. About. Skull. And. Bones.

If you do so, you will get tasered. Right?

My interest level would perk up a tad if John Kerry answered the load of dangling and rambling questions. Skull and Bones, for instance. But I’ve already been through that one. (Or Kerry’s supposed response to Greg Palast regarding Ohio.)

So I have suggested the darker answer to Paul Craig Roberts’s question already. The other response is the sort of — what, should he have leapt off the stage and gone to hand-to-hand combat? For what it is worth, Kerry has issued a statement. Those are always great.
But I think he managed to dodge the questions. Unless someone can point to a transcript where, with the 21 year old carted away, he answered the questions. I don’t know — the cameras were all aimed at the police situation at that point. The three questions, which pushed him over the one minute limit, apparently along with a certain attitude grounds for the police rushing in — and on to his reactions which were apparently grounds for a tasering. Oh dear John Kerry, could you issue another statement and answer the three questions?

In the mind of Joe Average, the Meyers man is not a terribly likable figure, and the response is sort of a rolling of the eyes and figuring that he’s broken a breach of Polite Society, a product full to the brim with immature wailing.  (Tightly wound and an Attention-seeker. The words I have come across are “I know the type”, with a sly smile that “he had it coming”).  His cries are over-heated. But nobody’s perfect in a disorderly society.

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  1. SME Says:

    I certainly wouldn’t have Tasered him, but I would have hauled him out. Rattling off three questions without allowing even one to be answered is poor form, even in a college setting.

    Some news on LaRouche’s former (??) PR man, Tarpley: Members of the peace activist movement, including Cindy Sheehan, have accused him of altering something called the “Kennebunkport Warning” after it was signed. Attacks and counterattacks galore.

  2. Justin Says:

    Of interest, from… um… Chip Berlet.:

    “Tarpley may have left the LaRouche group, but it has not left him.”

    Sounds about right.

    From the Comments:
    “Tarpley has nothing to do with Larouche.
    He’s said so as recently as yesterday. He laughed at the suggestion even, and he himself dismissed Larouche as irrelevant.”

  3. SME Says:

    Funny that Tarpley mentions L.L. in every official bio he gives of himself, then…
    At any rate, Truthers and peaceniks alike are fed up with him right now. He’s doing some fancy footwork to get out of this, blaming the FBI among other entities.

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