ode to Tricky Dick

Somebody other than I might have a wider swarth and more expansive point to make with the Alexis Debat story — he, um, is another one of those “journalists” who was caught making stuff up, in this case interviews which raises the question of how much attention various public officials pay to their press clippings.

Barack Obama.  Debat defends himself, saying he made the mistake of trusting “a third person” to ask his questions. But the spokesperson for the former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who was also “interviewed” by Debat in Politique Internationale, told us his was also a fake. As were the ones Debat “got” with Microsoft founder Bill Gates, New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former president Bill Clinton, and many more.

Leaving the Great Questions and riddles to others, my question is centered on this:

How did Alexis Debat, a self-proclaimed expert on terrorism, manage to build such a career for himself –as a regular contributor to the foreign affairs reviews Politique Internationale and National Interest, as a consultant for ABC News and an analyst of the prestigious Nixon Center attending conferences with the cream of the crop of American foreign policy circles?

Nixon Center?  Does that answer any question, or is it too much of a snark?

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