“I forgot about that nutball”.

I suppose I should wander into the field of Larouche nuttiness again.

Two articles of note were published. The New Republic had a small and pointless article about Larouche discussing an interview with him, which I see is mentioned a small bit in the blogosphere, generally to the effect of “Lyndon Larouche. Huh. I forgot about that nut!” (Here. Here. Here.)

A few points to be made: maybe Larouche is running for president, maybe he isn’t. I wonder if I were to look through the rules of what point a presidential candidate receives federal matching funds if I would see a bar that a Larouche organization that is not on par with its past version cannot reach — meaning the fantasy world view that he is deeply allied with the Clintons will have to work. On the other hand, his coy rhetoric certainly created the framework for a supposed “reluctant” run — a direction for his cult to take for an election cycle. If it enables him to get those federal matching funds.
The article sits next to an article about Dennis Kucinich — the two articles entitled “The Crazy that is Running” and “The Crazy that is Not Running”. It is unfair to Dennis Kucinich, who I don’t think is a terribly serious politician — and my misgivings about Kucinich goes beyond his politics– who — I will say — does not operate a cult. To deviate from the topic and take a quick gander at this Kucinich article, past the obnoxious title — the phrase that his campaign throws him to a “Pacifica Archipelago” is an apt observation. Actually I do see method to Kucinich’s madness, and it is simply that he is building his national base composed of the average Pacifica listener.

The other article answers that old assertion from a Larouchie that I was taking Nick Benton’s article on Larouche’s internal memos as gospel. (Go over here.) Here, I suppose, is what the Larouchie was jabbing her stick at, the information I was supposed to have learned that would have showed me the truth about Nick Benton and his motives. Larouchies despise ex-Larouchies.
Beyond that, a copy of odds and ends:

Recordings from a “9/11 Truth” conference (conspiracy theorists on 9/11.)

Friday’s keynote speaker was Webster Tarpley (pictured), a historian who used to be involved with the Lyndon LaRouche org, and co-author of The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush [Sr.]. I actually read excerpts of this a few years ago. Tarpley looks and sounds somewhat like Mr. Lebowski, but has a killer vocab and a wicked sense of humor: An exceptional speaker.

Okay. Webster Tarpley. He is a fraudulent ex-member, meaning that he is a member who is more helpful to the cause if he claims not to be connected with Larouche nowadays. I know this because the discussion at factnet shows that he spoke on behalf of Larouche in Russia. I would post the exchange if I could find it right off the bat.
I think this is how Larouche has his hands in the “9/11 Truth Movement”, something the “9/11 Truthers” are weary of, something that I end up shrugging at thinking that they sort of deserve each other.

One last item from factnet of interest:

For those who were born before the Fall of the Berlin wall and were campaigning against the Soviet nuclear Armageddon… just this info I read at the time:
Oleg Gordievsky, a KGB defector, revealed (I quote) that during a November 1983 NATO exercise, to enable the Western alliance to practice its nuclear release procedures, the Soviets responded to the manuever by going into an “ill-founded panic,” since they believed that “belligerent imperialist circles in the U.S.A. are getting ready for war, and are preparing new weapons systems which could render a sudden attack feasible.” (ie the march ’83 Reagan’s “Strategic Defense Initiative”, SDI aka “Star wars”) As a result of this “panic,” Gordievsky claims, on or about Nov. 8-9 (1983), the world “really passed through a war danger.”
I cannot help not to think that these “belligerent imperialist circles in the U.S.A.” associated to the SDI, were also connected to ours. We were all over the place at the time, officially invited to speak about the Reagan/Larouche’s SDI.
But in August that year, irresponsible larouche wrote an Open letter to Soviet leader Yuri Andropov: “YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO PLUNGE THE WORLD INTO WAR”, because of his rejection of Reagan’s sdi proposal. Then, in November these NATO maneuvres took place and were perceived by the Soviet KGB as a possible cover or preparation for a US military offensive…
Later we were attacked in the Soviet press as imperialist nazis connected to Reagan etc
So larouche played a very dangerous and irresponsible game then, as unofficial spokesman for Reagan’s “parallel diplomacy”. A “war of words” similar to Iran’s or North Korea’s today.
Maybe that motivitated the US authorities to get his mouth shut (that is : the 1986 FBI raid in Leesburg)

AND That should do it for this topic for a week. Unless something comes up.

(Additional: I cannot pass this up, from the very prolific xlcrer, after discussing the sales technique for the Pro-life magazine and the Fusion magazine, Larouche hidden until the end– AND:

When we call up subscribers for everything we sold they would ask why they have not recieved a magazine or why it is 6 months late. Wearing a Lyn dunce cap makes it easy for you to beleive the story appearing in the briefing about how Henry Kissinger or some new evil start up has sabatoged the Post Office from mailing out the materials. Instead of noticing that we are raising huge sums of money, 5 bucks a day is going towards labor and money for postage has been diverted, our people believe that some incredible and mysterious force which wants Lyn assasinated to unleash a New Dark Age has blocked us from paying our postage bills. […]

What the yutes should notice is how many of the slugs in the briefing written by Jeff and his friends have this twist where some unamed source tells us “I like the material but I think your boss is crazy”. Jeff is busy running his own end game around Lyn and lining up his pieces for a post Lyn world. Lyn is so delusional that he has not caught on after spending years in prison and giving some crazy figure like 11 million to scam artists that Jeff and Paul are the ones who bring in these grifters. Go through the ranks of security and you find quite a collection of people who are “out” but ‘in” with Jeff.

A decent enough answer for my weird little question of “What happens when Larouche dies?”

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  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Jeff Steinberg is always on the lookout for more ex-members to re-recruit to his post-LaRouche Steinbergian thinktank. He used the occasion of Ken Kronberg’s funeral to renew or try to renew a lot of acquaintances…. Rather ghoulish. Mostly he’s interested in former NEC and NC members (National Executive Committee and National Committee).

    He claims he will “reform” the organization and it will be what it was supposed to be. Of course, it IS what it was supposed to be…. And Steinberg is one of its biggest enablers.

    My guess is that Steinberg won’t shed a single tear the day LaRouche dies.

  2. SME Says:

    Dude, ya nailed it. I’m the one who wrote about that Tarpley speech, and I had the EXACT same suspicion about him…that he’s only pretending to be an ex-LaRouchite. I actually have Jacques Vallee to thank for that…he mentioned in one of his books that LaRouchites have been suspected of infiltrating fringe groups like UFO orgs to spread their fascist/paranoid ideology. Why not the 9/11 Truth movement?

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