Punk Rockers against the Oligarchy

I don’t quite know what to make of this myspace user.  The blog entry where he announced that he is now taking off and joining the Larouche Youth Movement is gone, wiped away.  Which is either a positive sign or a negative sign… I do not a’know.
What I still have from the rant, or have with easy accessibility (I could probably dig in and find the rest if I were slightly more motivated):

I have been spending time at the local Lyndon LaRouche P.A.C. (Public Action Committee) with the youth movement. I have gotten a better education since Teusday than I have gotten going to any school. Lyndon LaRouche is an educated. intelectual, political, and concerned individual. He is opposed to the British oligarchy (or as you all might call it the elitist nazis in the world steming out of Great Brittan coming from the Queen and operating even in the United States, inluding the White House) and is trying through all actions sane to bring it to it’s knees.

That’s all I have.  It goes on to say that his previous political and philosophical stance — Anarchism –  was good, but this… THIS… Larouchism… is simply better.  More Purposeful, you see.
… because, as you see in the previous post… he’s fighting those neo-nazis in the White House.  (As well Al Gore and his nazi gardens, but this is a movement that destroys those traditional political spectrum, you understand?)

Which spurs me to wander through his myspace site, past the multitude of PUNK ROCK videos (and he does realize that Punk Rock is a British Oligarchical — slash — Zionist — slash — Synarchist Plot, doesn’t he?) I come to his … discourse?… on Anarchism.

He misspelled Henry David Thoreau.  And something about this rapid discovery of anarchism, and dismissal to something else entirely, is a little haphazard and quick on the draw.
You can also go to www.akpress.com to get books and the like about many important undergound issues concering all movements.  If you are a PUNK or a feminist, or even a hippy, this is the place for you all.
That website is not altogether bad, but it is devoid of the important underground issues concerning the “movement” he aligned himself with…

… where he will have to sooner or later give up his Punk Rock.  (A bit nihilistic, isn’t that?  Which, I guess, is the point of finding something less nihilistic.  The vacuum provided by…?)


Re-Reading the Washington Post article from 2004, which I read first when it was published (and indeed linked here) after observing that April Witt read through the same news articles I did last December, I chew back over the Jeremiah Duggan story, and I have no clean explanation.  The lesson for aspiring cult leaders is to hold their conferences a bit out-of-the-way, where physical escape routes are difficult and unwieldy, and where the recruits are in out of their element, not entirely sure of where they are.  This is particularly appropriate in Europe, where you can meet them up in different nations.

Stop and laugh at this one:

In early 2003, Jeremiah telephoned to say he’d met a LaRouche activist who wrote for a French-language LaRouche newspaper, Nouvelle Solidarité. The literature he gave Jeremiah to read in French didn’t always make total sense, but Jeremiah chalked it up to his difficulty translating unfamiliar political terms, his mother says.
Why it doesn’t make total sense.

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