… High school aged???

Riding the bus, I had two thread topics running in my mind that I had intended on posting.  They are both momentarily steam-rolled away.
Headphones on, I was listening to Mike Malloy, formerly of Air America and formerly of something else before that, now with “NOVA M” radio and generally scheduled on radio stations that broadcast Air America programming.  It is a rebroadcast of a show run earlier in the year, one I probably never heard before.  It’s one of his “Youth Nights” programs, where he screens in and only has conversations with people between the ages of 13 and 17.  And so I hear a 13 year old call in about…

Her chat with a Lyndon Larouche supporter, generally hawking the new anti-Gore line, which had her a bit confused as it was next to the “Impeach Cheney” line.

None of which would be particularly noteworthy, and I would pass on it, except for the insanity that the “Lyndon Larouche supporter” was… 15.  And a High School drop out.  Because Larouche is the real education we need to save the world.

Fascinatingly, the 13 year old swerved through a discussion with the 15 year old high school drop-out LYMer, and, as she described it, the LYMer couldn’t really answer her questions on various political questions, up to and including what the heck Larouche’s program was, exactly.  The 13 year old spotted bullshit when she saw it.
Mike Malloy run through a lecture to the effect that one should be weary of people who advance a person — themselves — over any political goal.  And ended the call by saying that people who have acted as Larouche does, with the idea that He and He Alone Has all the Answers and Nobody else does — end up killing millions of people with that short jump to “And if you don’t fall in line with what I Know, then –”  Practical lessons on Larouche, Malloy informed the 13 year old caller that he served time in prison because of Credit Card fraud, stealing money.
And we jump to a commercial break. And I am left flabergasted on one matter.

High School drop out?  Huh???
I had intended on setting aside a couple quips from and concerning FACTNet postings for another day, and Hey!  Look!  A new thread!, but there is something I think is off — or missing the point — about the discussions on Larouche’s financing.  Actual Accounting ledgers of Expenses and Revenues are beside the point, in the paranoid view of the world, you have to be making credit advances to be discarded when you gain control.

Adolf Hitler.  Tax Dodger.  Do you see how that works?
It’s all very non-linear, if you will.

Here’s my rhetorical question: Is a new LYMer an expense or an asset?

As an aside, I did a quick google search for “Mike Malloy” and “Larouche”.  If I am to believe the buzzards that swarmed around “Accuracy In the Media” and propagated out into the Internet, Mike Malloy — always dancing with conspiracy theories — was fired from Air America after having on a Larouchian guest, Webster Tarpley.  But it rings of spurious speculation.

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