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Y’know, when I linked to this in the “erstwhere” category to the side with the comment “a cryptic post made stranger by the fact that I happen to know what he is referring to”, I was evidentally talking out of my butt, to a certain extent. I don’t know what he was talking about.

Which is that I didn’t have a clue who “Prince” referred to. Apparently “Prince” refers to Star Trek: Voyager star and Lyndon Larouche accolyde of sorts, Robert Beltran — official Theater Director and Acting Coach for the Larouche Youth Movement.

What? You don’t believe me?

Actually what I had been wondering was when Dennis King would get around to sticking up whatever he was going to stick up on the Death of Ken Kronberg. (Disclaimer, as this is the first attack-line from Larouchians against him — and what a nonsensical attack it is!–, slightly distorted but I’ll straighten it out: Dennis King once wrote an article that appeared in High Times magazine). This is the internal memo that did it. We all presume.

I’ve long been bemused by Larouche’s current line of attack against “baby boomers”, the Larouche Youth Movement (again: name me one other organization with the word “Youth Movement” in it) having been started in 1999, reportedly, for the purpose of “solving the Baby Boomer Problem”. (“Part 9” in that series of posts I did at the end of last year and beginning of this year.  I actually have a certain pride in that series of posts.).  Dennis King’s link to Larouche discussing the “baby boomer problem”, so as to fit together the storyline, is almost arbitrary: he could have linked to any number of pieces (this, for instance), and to any number of quotes.  I must admit — Shedding off the Baby boomers and moving onto a younger, more supple age, all the while “dividing and conquering” within your ranks, does make sense in terms of operating a cult.  I find fascinating the manner in which the LYM has absorbed the “baby-boomer” meme, and indeed some things about that Robert Beltran interview crack me up.

Dennis King’s linking to the FACTnet page is somewhat strange, only in so far as — for whatever reason that message board chooses to dump all of its discussions into one topic forever. Hence this begins in February of 2006, and to get to everything about Ken Kronberg, you have to jump to the bottom. Presumably King might just excerpt the comments pertaining to Kronberg, and stick them on a page at his server.
Like so:

As someone who also knew Ken, and knows people still in the orbit of WorldComp-PMR Printing, to have read the briefing where the organization spits on the “baby-boomers” who commit suicide was one of the most despicable things I have read by Lyn, even beyond his frantic postings about Jeremiah Duggan, since this involves someone who gave thirty plus years of his life to a megalomaniac. The best thing we can do is be life affirming and show people still locked inside that there is life on the other side of bizarro world. Perhaps LaRouche’s postings about “baby-boomers” committing suicide was his fearful recollection of his personal suicidal tendencies from the 1950s. (borisisbad)


I went to Ken’s funeral last week, and there was a surreal quality to the easy mixing of past and current members, especially at the reception following the service. Members who quit 5, 10, 20, even 30 years ago circulated freely, chatting with current members about children, high school sports, colleges. I got the distinct feeling that the psychosis of the morning briefing has less and less of a hold on many of the current members. I discussed this with Fernando, whom I greeted as the antichrist in league with the black guelph. After a good laugh, we agreed that members must not believe the nonsense they’re forced to spout; otherwise how could Fernando be greeted as a long-lost friend.

It was heartbreaking to talk to some current members, now out of a job since Worldcomp’s and PMR’s bankruptcy. They face the job market in their mid-50s, with few skills and a checkered work history. Listen dear friends: It’s never too late to quit. The real world seems scary, but it can be wonderful. I can’t promise miracles; you may have to work low-wage jobs the rest of your life. So, would you rather work low-wage, or no-wage jobs for Larouche, and be subjected to constant harangues about how ineffectual all you useless eater baby boomers are. If you think facing the job market now is tought, stay in the org another 10 years. Then you’ll be in your mid-60s, Lyn wil be dead, Helga will be the sybaritic titular head of the org, and the day-to-day ops will be run by some thirty-something who hates you and wishes you would jump off an overpass. You may not have to quit. You may be kicked out. Or pushed out.

Commented here:

I knew the deceased very well, and I think the odds are good that the “morning briefing” referred to in the Benton article triggered his suicide. The fact that this so-called briefing was written by Tony Papert, according to Benton, would be significant first because Papert is used by LaRouche to launch purges, and second because Papert hated Ken Kronberg and his wife passionately, although I do not know the reasons. Papert hates a lot of people.
I’ve developed a suspicion that my blogging on what can only be called a hobby horse has an effect of (a) turning off and confounding readers of my blog, largely a boiler-plate liberal political blog — sometimes a bit more askew than boiler-plate (I probably should force some more conspiratorial ramblings in, to live up to the name)– and (b) giving me a completely different audience — one who has zeroed in on the topic of Larouche for one reason or the other.  I particularly like Dianne Bettag, — 2 comments means Bettag is reading this.
At a certain point, beyond a certain morbid fascination in trying to untangle this guy and answer a multitude of seemingly unanswerable questions (all of them under the umbrella of “WTF?”) — it becomes a strange public service. I acknowledge people like Bebe.  I’m not saving the world or anything, but what the Hey!  Bebe needs to know the extent of what his (her?) friend is getting into, as Larouche has bounced about in a strange orbit in a strange corner of our political spectrum since the late 1960s.
I have occasionally thought of quarantaining my postings on Larouche to maybe a once a week schedule.  But I’ve shrugged that off.  This is a goddamned blog — nothing more, nothing less — I shouldn’t overthink it.  I do want the “Oregon Blogs” site to quit correlating this category into its “Oregon -centered blog posts” designation, though.  I don’t understand why it does that.

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