The Difference between Man and Beast

You know, I think I’ve posted one item about Famed Political Cult Leader Lyn Marcus this month, after a month-long moratorium on the topic.  For some reason or other, I am itching to post something more about him — so, here goes.

So, is Lyndon Larouche stalling or is he throwing his dice to what he perceives as the next big thing?  I am referring to the notable tick I noticed, and posted a week ago, toward plastering on Al Gore.

Understand something.  Lyndon Larouche has posited himself as somewhere on the Bill Clinton bandwagon.  I suppose he never could fully attack Clinton, because his previous storyline had it that he was serving prison time as a political prisoner to the George Herbert Walker Bush Administration, after undoing his 1980 presidential bid by bringing up Skull and Bones and the Council of Foreign Relations in the 1980 Democratic Primary in New Hampshire.  Hence, the Clinton Administration let him go at the earliest opportunity, and hence he spent the 1990s attacking Greenspan and Gingrich.  His literature posits Clinton favorably (I understand this because I have seen favorable captions in silly photographs of his pamphlets — that is roughly what I read before throwing the things back into the trash pile.)  I understand his taking Carville’s side of a Dean — Carville dispute over DNC funding as taking Clinton’s side against Dean — who may be perceived as part of the Gore Cabal, perhaps.  Larouche appears to have had a vein of anti-Gore material in the past ready for the day Al Gore might be elected president in 2000 — never used.  George W Bush came into office.  Upon the confirmation hearings of John Ashcroft, he made weird references to the Reichstag Fire.  Had he been patient and waited a few months, he could have joined his fellow conspiracy theorists and done so in proper order.  But imagine Al Gore had come to office.  I suppose he would have had to make weird references to the Reichstag Fire for someone Gore was appointing.
I suppose Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, but I have to wonder.  Hillary Clinton becomes president.  She pursues some of Al Gore’s Global Warming initiatives.  Wherefor aren’t thou, Lyn Marcus, and your merry band of currently anti-Cheney idiots?

But one can switch on a dime pretty easily.  He has Al Gore to kick around at this moment.  Did he have anything to say about that monstrosity in the summer of 2002 when he came out against the upcoming Iraq War, or was his position in a grand conspiracy muted for the moment?  There is a vein of consistency that travels alongside the vein of inconsistency: Lyn Marcus was right where he is on the environment during his semi-respectable days as a minor semi-Trotskyite leader when he was supposedly not operating a cult as of yet.

No.  I do not know the difference between man and beast.

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