50 percent of Americans

So, apparently, 50 percent of Americans believe that we have discovered the weapons of the mass of the destruction, an increase from the roughly a third that believed such a thing. It is probably just as well. The majority of Americans also probably believe that Saddam Hussein did not allow the inspectors in — that being a more balf-faced told lie while the former is just something that’s been ruminated by various Republican politicos lately.

Thus I heard, clicking past that radio station, John Gibson proclaiming “50 percent of Americans believe that we have found Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons. And you know what? Those 50 percent are RIGHT!! Are you with that 50 percent? Call in!”

And I heard the Rush Limbaugh ad with the excerpt from the show regarding Rick Santorum and Representative Pete Hoekstra’s fact-finding search with a “They are going to say that this is meaningless, that the weapons were from before 1991, and lack any power. That’s what they’re going to say. Who cares? Because we have found them.”

Incidentally, that is Exactly what they‘re going to say, and that is exactly what they said. I believe the exchange went “There is more danger in your kitchen cabinet than in these weapons” with the odd response from a Representative of “You’re claiming I possess weapons of mass destruction in my kitchen cabinet??”

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