Stats R Us

abraham lincoln s speech with words four score and seven years ago how many years was he perferring to


doc hastings gay


elmo ymca liberal gay

Weird. Is “gay” taking the place of “Skull and Bones” in terms of searching individuals?

are nuclear weapons a meanace to the human race or a good way of keeping world peace


conservative republican reviews on michael parenti

Oh, they don’t like him.

anotated readings on ob cases


libertarian nationalist socialist green party website review

It seemed to be a parody. And then somehow it ceased to be a parody, as the message board was populated by people who took it seriously, and it seemed to go under “New Management”. The parody material was kind of amusing, actually.

is nora donaldson taking over for chris matthews


reality television proposal

Strand a bunch of people on Mars and see if they can survive. For season two, make it a group of washed out celebrities.

george bush burning cow effigy. masonic party homosexuality

I’ve got nothing.

cheney skis in jeans bumper sticker

Why would you want a bumper sticker that says “Cheney Skiis in Jeans”? Am I missing something here and dense somehow?

douglas macarthur horseback destroys tent city

Yes. Bonus Army March. Douglas MacArthur lead the military against them. Thank you Herbert Hoover!

larouche yelled


ned lamont secret society

Are you organizing a secret fan club or something?

vandegraaff ball for sale

Not available on ebay right now. Why do you want your hair sticking up?

snuffy italian mafia 1943 rochester ny

Seems strangely specific. Snuffy. Italian Mafia. 1943. Rochester, NY. Toss together to make a different whole greater than its part.

hanford deaths january 2006

Don’t believe so.

sermon message on kicking against the prick

It is difficult to kick against the prick, but you must kick against the prick in order to find salvation in Jesus.

model pat in abercrombie and fitch

Undoubtedly with an unidentifible connection with any piece of clothing you might buy.

i do not want to touch his ass arnold schwarzenegger

From Red Heat (1988), during the end of the Cold War where you could create buddy-films with a Soviet archtype and an American.

al gore african tribal miscue

I look this up, and my first guess is that this is the Republican blogger response to the information that Bush did not know the difference between Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds before invading Iraq. But then I type “”s for Al Gore and see that that entry isn’t what it looked like initially. Sorry, I can’t help you.

9/11 hoax debunker

Sure, why not?

joe namath underworld connections three iii

I don’t understand the “three”, and even if I did the “iii” seems kind of redundant. At least “Joe Namath Underworld Connections” makes sense. He was on Richard Nixon’s enemies list.

negro skull and bones member

Not until recently.

why does npr keep referring to her as valerie plume?

Spell-checker isn’t working.

rush limbaugh israel armageddon revelation

Rush Limbaugh is mentioned in the Book of Revelations?

i am not buddha

Neither am I.

what happened to teh ku klux klan in the 1920 s

They became huge.

rogers arkansas sex whores

Yes. Clinton. And his drug smuggling days in Arkansas.

justin kuralt

Charles’s nephew, apparently.

what senator did vice president cheney yell a swear word at when he thought his microphone was off?

I don’t think it was that scenario, but it was Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy he said “Go fuck yourself” to. He called a New York Times reporter an “asshole” with the mic on, though.

vampires giving cash to human

Really? Where?

skulls bones gore


erotic radio show frequency

Sounds like a gimmick.

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  1. EvolutionKills Says:

    Good skiers consider people who ride in jeans to be the uber-dorks of the mountian world. Akin to skiing on “snow skates” or wearing a fleece jester cap. It’s not just a lack of style–not all skiiers are fashion-consicous–it’s also a fundamental lack of understanding for how to stay comfortable and be athletic on the hill. It’s very noob. Jeans skiiers are the aol users of the skiing world.

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