Gordon Allen Pross is in the HOUSE!

Hm. This is funny. Google up the images for “Gordon Allen Pross”, and you will find an animatronic Sean Hannity, Jimmy Carter, Ken Jennings, Keith Olbermann, Clyde Lewis, Elmo makes two appearances, Strom Thurmond, assorted paraphenilia…

… somewhere around there you’ll see Gordon Pross.

I’m wondering about Gordon Allen Pross. What’s he running for this time around? Surely he’s running for something. He was the 1998 Democratic candidate for Doc Hastings’s seat, a textbook lesson in what candidate a party will end up with if they choose to totally abstain from a district. He ran in the Republican primary in 2000 and 2002 for the seat. And in 2004 he moved on to the Senate.

His platforms, ladies and gentlemen.

The second question I’m wondering is… how many Gordon Allen Prosses have pulled through victories to the US House and various high office general election races for the 2006 cycle? Actually I want to see if I can find them. Consider it the “Gordon Allen Pross Project”. These candidates are the gluons in the American political scene.

2 Responses to “Gordon Allen Pross is in the HOUSE!”

  1. Michael Farben Says:

    I Know some DARK secrets of Murder about Mr. Pross
    that is NOT B.S. and he is dangerous in a position
    of POWER. Please respond to this e-mail

  2. Justin Says:

    If I may be so bold, why not just write out the “dark secrets of murder” that “is not b.s.” and shows “he is dangerous in a position of power” here? Libel law?

    As it were, I guess you now have my email address at your ready. I don’t know what I’d do with any information on Pross. Pass it on as background research to his political opponents?

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