the following comes from the 1998 Washington State Voters Guide, and is thus part of the public record. I have opted to leave this out here without much editorial comment, except to say that the televised debate between him and his two opponents was bizarrely cordial, and that after Pross said (read) his closing statement with great sincerity, it was fun to watch his two opponents and the moderator try desperately (and barely successfully) to avoid laughter.

Gordon Allen Pross's (Democrat) Run for the 4th Congressional District House Seat

My name is Gordon Allen Pross. I am a native son of Central Washington wielding a true concern for our abundant range of diversity posed within an awesome and vast complexion noted as the 4th District. "The People Rule!" Government by, for and of the people. True representation by the people's heart beat, service to all people with no exception is the position of virture afforded a true people's representative. Mandate to forward the 4th District's entire populations true needs, desires, wishes and praise in good faith to further bring to life the true and exact color of Democracy. It's not too soon to bring the proper tools to fix complex issues by basic means and pragmatic solutions, facilitated in part by intellectual property so prevalent throughout our greater Federal District. Americans require equity in the law, national defense (in part by secure borders), access to the medical community, nutrition, education. Get a grip, and lower land tax. Eradicate waste of tax dollars, frivolous expenditures, marginal programs, unaccountability of our tax dollar. Systematically maintain our infrastructure of roads, hospitals and schools, charge our judicial branch to afford proper representation under the law to all and not only to those who afford justice. The people of our 4th District are not pleased with arbitrary governmental behavior running rampant - for example, the national debt of (4) trillion dollars. This is not representative of a congress that should be keeping close to their heart the true and valid premise of your tax dollar. Make way for a real people's representative that is overflowing with legislative tools to fix and bring back our American dream of our lives being lived as the law provides. "Pross for the People..."

He received about 30% of the vote, miraculously. The Democratic Party didn't provide him with very much financial support or backing, and as such it was a very thrifty campaign.  um... and I wish this were still up, because it's pretty darned funny. ... for example, for the 2000 Republican Primary Campaign:

The following are my answers to questions submitted by CSG to candidates for the 4th Congressional District.
What makes you the right choice for Washington's 4th Congressional District seat?

I am the only candidate that has a clear vision and blueprint of how to bring our ideals of America back to the reality of the way we live our lives from day to day.

My proposal to you, the American citizens of the 4th congressional district, is to eradicate bureaucracy, which includes arbitrary governmental behavior. I am willing to pursue an offer to revamp your fractured judicial system, and to streamline government, with one simple blueprint. Nothing short of my vision will be adequate to fulfill America's entitled destiny, while the new millennium approaches your doorstep.

I will return the supreme power of federal government back to the individual American citizen. Back to its rightful owner. My blueprint will not cost one red blooded American citizen one red cent. On the contrary, my acquisition will save the individual American citizen trillions of dollars. I only need one element to achieve our goal, and that single element is only that of the American will. I make no promises. Only a fail-safe guarantee that we as a union of states will go as far as the American fervor will allow. Take responsibility. Be responsible. Vote for a leader with vision -- a vision of liberating humanity and the environment. Vote.


What is your position on the involvement of the federal government in education?

A Federal standard for our K-12 in regard to Reading, Writing & Arithmetic, (to include Learning vs. Thinking) makes for a sound policy.


What is your position on breaching he various dams in the state as a means to increase the salmon population?

I propose breaching the river, not the dam. And here1s why. When you remove a dam, the potential to kill a river is real. Therefore I propose:

A.) First, study the impact on native salmon from the high frequency hydroelectric generators. Assess the data. Then apply what measures that are necessary into policy.

B.) My recommendation is to create, upstream, (beyond the reach of the hazards presented by the dam), an artery of water that acts as a so-called "coronary bypass," and channel it back into the river some distance downstream from the dam.

C.) When salmon are running back to sea, I suggest an electronic field upstream, placed at an oblique angle so as to direct the salmon through the bypass, much as a cattle rancher would use a chute to funnel livestock for branding, separating, or transport.

D.) In years when low water yield presents its inherent problems, I propose reintroducing exiting water from the hydroelectric turbines back into the reservoir.

E.) The composition of the bypass would consist of an all-natural habitat above and below the surface water tension. We of the 4th district would be able to design, build and create the epitome of a salmon haven through stimulating creative minds, from biologists to sculptors, in order to create an environment of refreshing and accessible water flow, with falls and pools for the salmon. This engineering feat would be an honorable tribute to our native salmon runs, since in the process of Americanizing the Columbia River with 13 dams, the native waterfalls have been silenced for many blue moons.

F.) The end result would be an increasingly open world-export market for our premium salmon, and the encouragement of tourism.


What is your position on Federal "Hate Crimes" legislation?

Color is described in degrees of temperature. So is the weather, as is crime:- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th degrees. For those unfortunate individuals involved, the recourse for hate crimes lies within the gray area which mandates degrees of liability and responsibility.


What is your position on taxes? Do you support ending the marriage penalty and the inheritance tax?

My platform is TAXATION REFORM: Legalize Freedom, Liberty, Justice once and for all: Eradicate all federal, state and local taxes and fees. When you make a dollar you pay a 0.10-cent tax. Allocations of tax revenue will be distributed as follows. Federal: 33.33% State: 33.33% Local: 33.33%. Outlaw: all Tax write-offs. Outlaw: all Tax Shelters. Outlaw: all Tax Loopholes. Liberate Humanity with a Gordon Allen Pross Prosperity Plan.


I am in complete favor of repealing the marriage penalty to include (but not limited to) the inheritance tax.


Do you support limited investment of individual1s Social Security payments to achieve a better return for retirement?



In your estimation, which federal agencies (please limit to 2) need the most reform to make them efficient?

Veterans Affairs


In your estimation, what one program deserves more support than it currently gets?

Medical Research:


Traditionally, the avenue of approach for finding control and cures for diseases that plague humanity has been through trial and error, and by blind accident. While scientists look for a specific answer for a defined condition, they often end up finding a cure for something completely different from what they originally set out to find. Today, due to the hype of the media, it is much too easy to funnel financial gold dust down a gopher hole as a potential means to an end, when a popular medical issue is faced with scrutiny.

I pray that our medical research capital can be directed across the board for a wider scope of achievement in an all-out effort to win the war on illness. Thus, our great physicians will no longer bear the cross of being "Ferrari mechanics working on only Volkswagens," as it were. In the future, our physicians will treat health not disease.


What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishments in shaping government?

VOTING: I have voted since I was 18 years of age, including when I was serving in a campaign overseas, in the most elite military force ever assembled on this planet: that of the United States Armed Forces. I have served in political campaigns, from grade school class president, to University Student Body president, to the White House, and all camps in between. I have carried a recognized voting constituency throughout my entire adult life. In my 1998 bid for the 4th District Congressional seat in a three-way race, I garnered 43,043 votes on a war chest of $230.00. My efforts pointed out most diligently that one man can make a difference.


What jobs have you had in the private sector?

Plant pathologist assistant
Rancher: Appaloosas & Holsteins
Farmer: hay
Church facilities volunteer
Hay bucking
Fence builder: rail to barbed wire
Cannery worker
Tractor driver
Combine operator
Log peeler
Tree planter
Hook tender
Rigging slinger
Skidder operator
Restoration seeder
Golf course laborer
Pipe layer for a community water system
Wheelbarrow, shovel and rake operator
Wood Framer
Construction worker
Heavy equipment
Iron Worker
Chef (for meats, poultry and vegetables)
Head of Security for the Model United Nations Far West Conference
Teacher Assistant CWU
P.E Dept. Fencer
Art Dept. Adv. Sculpture
Political Science Dept. M.U.N.F.W.


On the 2002 Campaign Road

Pross hasn't let big defeats get in the way of his even bigger plans. He ran against Hastings as a Democrat in 1998 and got 25 percent of the vote before switching parties and getting 4 percent in the 2000 Republican primary.

Pross said he is very lucky to have lost those races because it has given him perspective.

The defeats clearly haven't gotten him down, and the 47-year-old Ellensburg man sports ambition that rivals that of Forrest Gump. He's made three trips up and down the West Coast in the past 30 months with "2-cent fliers" sewing the seeds for a future presidential campaign.

"You could either ride life though or ride the wave," Pross said. "My life's a movie. I'm riding the wave here."

Pross said his experience as an assistant sculpting instructor at Central Washington University has taught him how to make the complex simple. The frequent Bible-quoter said he would apply that toward writing simpler laws "that a fourth-grader could adjudicate from the bench, as King Solomon did."

Pross continues to push a tax reform plan that would have all citizens give up 10 percent of their income to be divided equally between federal, state and local governments.

A small portion would be used to pay for all political campaigns in the country. No other contributions would be allowed.

"How is it that money is free speech?" Pross asked. "I have a little issue with running guys like me into the dirt."

He received $200 in campaign cash in 1998 and $230 in 2000, both times avoiding a sizable filing fee by collecting enough signatures to get his name on the ballot. But his campaign took a hit this year when he realized half of Okanogan County was redrawn out of the district last year, invalidating the signatures he collected there and forcing him to pay a $1,500 filing fee.

Despite the uphill battle, Pross said he's in it to win.

"I am so your candidate," he said.

Hastings, who is seeking his fifth two-year term since ousting Democrat Jay Inslee in 1994, said he hasn't seen Pross' proposals and is playing it straight.

"I'm going to focus on getting more votes than he does," said Hastings, 61.

Micheál Keane has emailed me the previously lost to me 2000 voters pamphlet entry, with Gordon Allen Pross running against Doc Hastings in the 2000 Republican primary. It seems he's lost his cordiality (in the aforementioned 1998 Debate, he always referred to Hastings as "the Honorable Doc Hastings"), and has gone negative.

Legalize Freedom Once And For All ...

Richard Hastings calls himself "Doc," but the truth is, he never even graduated from college.

Most of it is relatively standard fare that would be in keeping for more standard politico challengers, but the final line does beg a question:

I haven't accepted money from special interests or PACs because I want to represent the people here in the 4th Congressional District, not the special interests back in Washington, D.C.

Why would they want to invest in him?

His 2004 voter's pamphlet entry for his run in the 2004 Republican Senate Primary against challenger George Nethercutt is now out, and he has not failed to deliver:

Gordon Pross sent me an email message March 1, 2002, which ended.

18 months til primary.

I thought he was referring to another run at Doc, but I guess people must move on to other challenges.

Gordon belongs to the Party of Lincoln. "The Great Emancipator" freed the African Slave, and Gordon is here to free the American Slave. "We the People" did not mean one woman nor one man unless he was white and happened to own land.

On the other hand, the future of an America Gordon envisions is outlined in "The Declaration of Independence: We are created equal but if politicians are not doing their jobs, throw them out!"

United we must stand to take back what is rightfully ours by the same means that our traitorous legislators unlawfully stole a pound of flesh from each and every last one of us. This wondrous vehicle, is simply the legislature that is supposed to enact the law. Together we will create Americas laws, which will be quicker than our adversaries’ hand; Get readyº 1,121,001 registered voters who refrained from voting in the 1998 U.S. Senate race!

Our lame leadership in all respects has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are incapable of managing Washingtonians’ affairs. Therefore, Gordon is offering to resurrect Washington state, lifting us back into the green from out of a red abyss. Gordon is a conservative conservationist. God states, Take of the earth, don’t leave a trail.

Cast the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution to be born at last. Axe taxes; Axe Tax crucify tyranny; resurrect liberty. Abolish all federal, state, local taxation, fees, write-offs, loopholes, and shelters. Earn a $00.10, tithe $00.01. Federal, state, and local governments shall equally receive 33.33%. The remaining 00.01% shall finance America’s political campaigns.

Clearly Gordon’s proposed treaty is the spark for rekindling a true vision of our national pride in "American competition." When 100% pledge 10% justice becomes America’s "domestic policy."

Conclusion: Washingtonians wielding jobs, vacations, health care, and education

(also check out William Chovil, John Bircher from way back it would seem.)

Gordon Pross's campaign page is chockful of good stuff... save all of it.

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