… Huh? Signs across the city

I don’t understand it. I watched a guy put a Sketchers shoe up on a fire hydrant, then crounch down, and using his cell phone take a photograph of the Sketchers Shoe on a fire hydrant. Somewhere there’s a phograph of the scene online? Or a whole slew of Sketchers shoes on fire hydrant photographs?

Never mind. That’s something that’s been jiggling in my mind for a couple weeks now. More political in nature are these notes left all over the city — unusual for these things, about a third of a page — saying

“Impeach Bush.
Vote Democratic.”

Surely you jest. Two things: this is not on the Democratic agenda. I’m not saying anything one way for or against such a notion, but even when Russ Feingold came out for a “Censure”, the Democrats avoided the notion like the plague. What’s weird is that the Democrats seem to be a bit dancy around the notion, Nancy Pelosi settling on the “Subpena power” jab, read the article in the New Yorker. Which you can read as either\ a sop for the most rabid “Impeach him” part of the constituency or a practical matter of fact “technically you can’t prejudge the case” tact.

Leaving aside that, I’ll grant you that if there is a Democratic Congress, there is a greater chance that President Bush could be impeached. Unless you believe that Dennis Hastert’s buns are bursting in a bigger bunch over William Jefferson’s office being raided (There’s a Constitutional Crisis you say, Hastert?). But how does this work from this location? I guess there is actually a state by state mode of Impeaching a President. That is, for all practical purposes, as slim as it seems, the better chance in the signs telling you to “Vote Democratic” to “Impeach Bush” than the re-election of Representatives Wu and Blumenauer. To put it simply: those are the two districts I see these posted to. Two safe Demcrats. Wu may theoretically be vulnerable sooner or later (though it seemed like he should have been last time, and yet he won by 20 points). A vote is meaningless in changing Congress. The signs do not compute.

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