2006 won’t be like 1992, we promise.

For whatever it’s worth:

The last time the state Republicans convened here — in 1992 — the ultraconservative side of the party prevailed with a divisive platform that some said cost votes. The platform, which amounts to the party’s identification card, railed against homosexuality, sex education, witchcraft and the United Nations, to name just a few hot-button issues of the day.

Interesting to use “ultraconservative” in a straight news story like that. It denotes some kind of bias, though I won’t quite go so far as say “liberal bias”. Maybe “Sensible” bias? I’m brought to the puzzlement of seeing the words “Witchcraft” and “Hot button issue” in related fashion.

A quick bit of googling shows me that the Washington State Republican Party Platform of 1992, crafted out there in Yakima, Washington, also called for the criminilization of Yoga classes.

But this time one theme will prevail, said Diane Tebelius, state party chairwoman. “Unity,” Tebelius said in a telephone interview.

Harmony notwithstanding, Tebelius said the Yakima convention will be lively, even though this isn’t a presidential election year. No hot topic is automatically off the agenda, she added.

Good. We get to hear the witches and the witch-burners go at it about whether we should keep Yoga legal or not. That should keep the Republicans busy.

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