From the stats page:

bush cia fbi nsa kennedy lennon hoover lbj nixon

Hm. Yes. All of them. They all killed each other after greasing one another’s rise. They worked together on the project, before splitting apart over petty differences and reacting in violent furies.

conspiracy theory – maron

Either you mean “mason”, or you actually do mean Maron.

legislation was actually proposed to provide every newborn infant in the states of georgia and tennessee with a classical music cd

‘Twas Zell Miller’s project, actually.

fuck the horse that glen beck rode into town on

I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. Except, it would seem, in Washington State. (Famous Enumclaw case.) Maybe it is legal where you are, I don’t know. The one warning I have for you, though, is that it is Glen Beck’s property.

no evidence whatsoever that jack kennedy ever knew lloyd bentsen

If you say so.

joe scarborough slams prussian blue

Not a difficult thing to do, seeing as how Prussian Blue are a White Supremicist blond-teenybopper duo.

doc hastings skull and bones

Don’t make me laugh.

abercombie and fitch models

I note that the downtown store has set up some weird box with their models, who here are at least wearing jeans that one may presumably be able to buy and wear there.

ray nagin skull and bones

I don’t know. Seems like a WASPy organization to me.

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