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THIS looks like a good blog entry to basically swipe whole-sale. (Memes are good.)

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The truth of De-evolution: We Are All Devo!! At least with this administration.

Actually, march forward to the comments section, and this standard-bearer:
I was just wondering, how many terrorist attacks have occurred on the US mainland since 9/11 and the beginning of the war on terror?

You know, this is a controversial thing to say, and I know I should fall down on the line about “And when another terrorist attack occurs, what’s your line going to be then?” (and I know it’ll be “Now is the time to stand UNITED behind the President.”)… but I have a slightly different tact:

The United States is not Israel, which is a physical land mass a group of religious extremists desire badly, and thus throw attacks at on a frequent basis)*. Major terrorist Attacks are rare here. They don’t happen very often. They happen years apart from each other. In the end, the United States of America land-mass is not, nor has ever been, the, quote-in-quote “central front” of al queda’s “War for a Pan-Islamic World”. Notice the following reprisal:

Notice I didn’t bring up 1993. The ultimate attack happened in 2001.

The “ultimate” attack? Sounds like the most generic of action novels. A nation at peace. You need know nothing before this time period on what the nation at peace does internally, externally, or what external forces have done internally or externally with the nation at peace. Suddenly, we get the “Ultimate” attack. We then do the “Ultimate” Response. That the story gets a bit convoluted is the point here: we now have a mission accomplished, followed by a strategy for victory, and then a plan for victory. The problem is the simple plot for the generic action novel is tangled in with a number of other novel’s plots. To successfully navigate our way through the debris, we need to keep in mind that there are things happening outside this frame that are complicating our storyline.

I don’t even know what “ultimate” is supposed to mean. 1993’s semi-successful semi-failed attack was chump change? Would the 2000 attacks, a failed set of attacks, “ultimate”? For what it’s worth, my guess is an “ultimate” attack would look more like this:

(Apologies to Basil Wolverton. I think his son, the man who I believe actually owns the copyright to that image, is a Republican, so perhaps doubly-apologies. Review purposes? I like Basil Wolverton.)

*Ugh. Let’s face it. Three groups of religious extremists.

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