Christmas UNDER SIEGE: Ground Zero: Fig’s Market of Raleigh, North Carolina

A scan of what, where, what, where, what, where, and what the hell the individuals crying out that Christmas is Being Attacked by Liberal Secularist Humanist Anti-Christian Hate-mongerers suggests that Ground Zero on the Assault on Christmas, and the remedy to improve the situation, is Fig’s Market in Raleigh North Carolina.

See, Fig’s Market has their store window decorated with the word “Happy Holidays”. This be a big “no-no” for all true-believing Christmas loving All American Christians.

And thus, in an act praised by right-wing radio hosts nationwide…

But Pastor Patrick Wooden believes being “open” closes the door on Christmas.

“The way I see it is retailers want to make Christmas money without acknowledging Christmas,” Wooden said.

So, his church, the Upper Room Church, is doing its own acknowledging.

To grab the public’s attention, the church is putting on a media blitz that includes advertisements in the newspaper, on the radio and on television — costing the church approximately $11,000.

The advertisements even encourage shoppers to patronize businesses that use the phrase “merry Christmas.”

Critics argue the Upper Room Church should have spent the campaign’s $11,000 on helping the poor, but Wooden said the money is well spent. He adds the church helps the poor locally every week and has also donated money to hurricane victims.

Well, Pastor Patrick Wooden, good for you and your church for donating money to hurricane victims and helping the poor. But, you know, Pastor Patrick Wooden, that is $11,000 you could have spent on such causes (or, hell, I don’t care… you could spend some of the money on renovation projects at your church) that you’re currently throwing into a stinkhole of a cause which is at base level founded in a persecution complex.

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