Those Pro-Life Activists?

These people, I guess are associated with these people.

That particular dream came to a 22-year-old activist named Brian Kim last September. He remembers seeing thousands of people gathered at the Supreme Court with inscribed tape over their mouths, a symbolic representation, he later decided, of the unheard voices of unborn babies. He has no doubt it was a message from God, though he admits to choosing the color later on. “I dream in black and white,” Kim says.

So far so good. It’s coherent enough, and goes right alongside all the biblical stories of God’s Nighttime messages to various prophets and Actors. But then things get a little loopy here:

Another member of the group recently dreamed that Grover Cleveland came to President George W. Bush and said, “There is some- thing about my administration that you need to know about.” In their regular morning meeting, the group was baffled. “Who the heck is Grover Cleveland?” Kim asked. “So one of our guys did some research.” It turned out that the 24th president is the only one to have fathered a child in the White House, a daughter named Esther. God was telling them, they decided, to live like the Bible’s Esther, a Jewish beauty whose courage helped save her people from certain genocide in Persia.

Grover Cleveland? Who the heck dreams about Grover Cleveland? It’s like when Lisa Simpson was saying in her dream “No, George Washington. I won’t let you down.” and Bart Simpson said, “Even in your dreams you’re a dork.” But at least that’s George Washington.

Beyond which… they want Sam Brownback to be the next president of the United States. Keep them in your prayers, I guess.

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