On Political Stage-craft

Um… Barry: Wear a goddamned pair of dress pants.

This is part stage-craft and image manipulation… To what degree it might be authentic, I do not know. I suppose if he were to ever run for president, he won’t have the anti-“folksy” dribble going against him, as Al Gore did. (A section of the chattering class, the pestering and annoying part, couldn’t help themselves when it was revealed that Al Gore … dressed up in some occassions, dressed down in other occassions, and had hired a consultant to help him. Gasp! Earth-tone Gore! Alpha-Male! Whatnot.)

As for Barry… some more stupid posturing:

“But were Montanans outraged at the same level as folks in New York City or in other vulnerable cities? Frankly, is al-Qaida coming to Montana? It would be a bad idea for them to come here. To start with, if they show up here and start making some trouble, somebody’s just going to shoot their asses and ask questions later.”

ooh… Mr. Macho Man, aren’t he? This is pure claptrap, of course. Nay… international terrorists don’t know Montana exists. And, nay, I doubt firing rifles at the a Montana land-mark while terrorists are driving planes into it is going to solve anything.

None of it is as revolting as Bush parading in front of toddlers to argure against stem-cell research, of course, but nonetheless…

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