On a hot night, window open, and sound travels better in the heat.

I had the radio on. I guess I fell asleep listening to Mike Malloy. Ordinarily I have the radio clicked to turn off in 59 minutes. I guess I didn’t this night.

I know my neighbor largely as a guy who’s watched a lot of Star Wars lately, on a large enough decimal level that I know that he’s watched a lot of Star Wars lately.

This night Mike Malloy ended, with me asleep, and turned into the rerun of the Randi Rhodes Show. Somewhere in the middle of the night I heard my neighbor yell: “Balderdash!”

I do not know what Randi Rhodes was saying — I was largely asleep. But my neighbor started rambling about Saddam Hussein.

I clicked the am-fm switch — a dealy-do that takes us with no turn of the radio dial to 94.7 NRK — An Enterscum Station. I turned the radio up a wee bit to drown out the end of my neighbor’s ranting (to me or to someone else?), and within a couple songs, turned the radio off.

I suppose I could have engaged in a quick political discussion, and shouted “If you’re not with me, you’re my enemy!”, but really — I wanted some sleep.

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