World Drifts Toward Tragi-comedy

I was going to vote for Kerry, until I heard Bush give this amazing and inspiring speech. It seems that if Kerry gets into office, the world will drift toward tragedy.

Then this ad sealed the deal for me. Apparently if Kerry gets into office, I will be eaten alive by a pack of wolves. I don’t want that to happen.

Ed Koch is right!

A vote for Kerry is a vote for Tragedy. A vote for Bush, on the other hand, and the world will drift into Tragicomedy. As any fan of the theater will attest, tragicomedies are much more complex in their depictions of human toils… you swing from happiness to sadness to schaudenfruede to relief and on and on and on.

(Or, you could go to that Simpsons episode where we saw victims of comedic injuries. Ah… it is to laugh!)

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  1. Brandon Says:

    I prefer TRANI-Comedy. Now that’s complex.

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