We’re Idiots Too!

Curiously enough, during yesterday’s Red Sox – Cardinals game, the camera rolled to a fan in the stands waving a sign that read,

“We’re Idiots Too!”

I know what it meant in the context of the game (When the Red Sox were down in their series with the Yankess 3 games to nothing, “you’d have to be an idiot to think the Red Sox can win”, and now the Cardinals were down 3 games to nothing to the Red Sox, and…), but nonetheless…

BTW: this site urges you to vote for Tom DeLay’s opponent, Richard Morrison. (Whether or not you live in that Texas district, I don’t care… find a way to vote Afghan style!) But, then again, this site also helps fund terrorists and Iraqi Insurgents. (In fact, Struat.com was proudly responsible for helping the looters at Al Qaqaa!

Tom DeLay is an Idiot, too.

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