Occurences per Chapter that Sean Hannity uses the word “Evil”

From this rather caustic review I find this chart… each chapter followed by number of times that Hannity sees fit to use the word “evil”.

Chapter Occurrences
1 42
2 51
3 19
4 13
5 13
6 4
7 8
8 1
9 3

Actually, read the entire thing. It goes on to do a chapter by chapter look at Hannity’s Cast of Evil. Example:

In chapter seven, Bill Clinton is evil, Hillary Clinton is evil, Osama bin Laden is evil, Ramzi Yousef is evil, Yasser Arafat is evil, Terry McAuliffe is evil, Madeleine Albright is evil, Warren Christopher is evil, Al-Jazeera is evil, Joe Lockhart is evil, the PLO is evil, Janet Reno is evil, Suha Arafat is evil, and al Qaeda is evil.

On the other hand, the name of the book is “Deliver Us From Evil”, so I suppose it fits that we need a comprehensive look at the Evil-Doers that we need to depart from.

So, what happens when he brings on a guest to the Hannity and Colmes Show, after writing on his blog that the recently deceased Ronald Reagan was… well… evil? Well, from memory:

You are an sad, evil person. You have no soul.

I don’t know. Do souls exist? They seem to be a little too ethereal for my taste.

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