Things Move Fast In Politics Part TWO

Will Someone Please Put This Guy Out of His Misery?

Okay. So, that’s how things stood for Clinton in April. McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, and now this turd. Perhaps they better pull some shenanigans at the convention and get someone else in!

That’s the low-point, right? Nay. Things just kept getting worse.

Here’s the polling:
Bush: 36%
Perot: 34%
Clinton: 24%

Actually, take note of that: 56 percent support a 50 percent reduction in defense spending over five years; and 79% would support the position that the Europeans and Japanese pay the full cost of theirown defense, or we bring our troops home. Well, it’s the end of the Cold War, you know…


Needs to just worry about getting enough votes to qualify for matching funds. His campaign is completely dead. He will suffer the worse loss in recent
history. This is especially odd, because he is the best candidate they have
had since Johnson.

More fuel:

Robert Novak, on CNN last night, blocked out the electoral college divvy state by state, if the election were held today. He had Perot with about 340 votes, Bush at about 170, and Clinton with 9. Perot gets most of the big blocks: California, Texas, Florida, etc. Clinton gets only his home state of Arkansas and D.C. So Perot is doing better than even his poll results show.

Nine… electoral… votes. And Perot is the new president. Got that?

Remember Bryan and his cross of gold? Where is he now?

I’m guessing that’s a show of support for just chunking the primaries and … finding someone, anybody, new at the Democratic Convention. As opposed to a plea to base our currency on silver.

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