It’s Raining Hitler!

The RNC recently released, on its website, a political ad entitled “It’s not a time for Pessimism and Rage” which sticks Al Gore, Dick Gephardt, and Howard Dean footage next to footage of Adolf Hitler.

Their reasoning being that the Adolf Hitler footage came from a advertisement. An open Contest, mind you. Shown more prominently and longer on the RNC website than on’s website, mind you.

John Kerry speaks out: “I don’t think it’s appropriate.” The RNC responds: “Are you going to denounce Al Gore’s, Dick Gephardt’s and Howard Dean’s speeches?”

Those wry figureheads of the RNC…

I’m pondering something, though. Suppose a presidential candidate comes around that promises the extermination of the Jews.

The opposing candidate then makes a comparison of this candidate to Hitler.

Now, say, hypothetically, that this candidate says “You can’t make Hitler comparisons too lightly.”

Hypothetically… wouldn’t that be a curious situation?

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