The Natural Law Party calls it Quits

I recall a throw-away gag reference to the Natural Law Party on an episode of “Pinky and the Brain”.

I read the John Hagelin entry in the 1996 Washington State Voter’s pamphlet… laughing.

Though, I have to say: I appreciated some of the sentiment. On first blush, it all makes sense. Focus on prventing problems, not solving after they happen.

But… then we get into an area where we somehow need to become better… spiritually attuned. How? I don’t know… through transcendental meditation… sit around, wish our problems away, and they so disappear.

And it all falls apart.

I was sympathetic in 2000. A poster at wrote that he reminded them of the New Age phoneys in “Alan Mendelsohn”, which prompted me to write in and somewhat defend him — and prompted Pinkwater to write back saying that he looks like every other politico. And I smiled when someone, right after the election, sitting around talking about the post-election fiasco, said to me that they liked that “alternate Reform Party candidate”…

I would’ve voted for him if there weren’t any clear number one third party protest vote, as there was (and as there doesn’t really look to be in the 2004 election cycle.)

The Natural Party way appears to have regularly tried to schlep onto other parties. The Reform Party in 2000 is the most famous for its high drama (Hagelin and Pat Choate– Perot’s running mate in 1996 and a man who fully endorsed Pat Buchannan in 2000, unlike Perot, thus serving as the bridge between the two sections of the party history — appeared on Nightline, debating their side of the story on what happened at the convention, and who the rightful candidate for the Reform Party was.) They apparently earlier tried to make Hagelin the candidate for the Green Party…

Rumoured is that they wanted Dennis Kucinich as their 2004 nominee — not likely since Kucinich is a loyal Democrat. John Hagelin endorsed Kucinich in the Democratic primary.

But, the party has dis-integrated, following the lead of the Party in Europe. And, reported in politics1, the party has morphed into a creepy shadow government

… though, looking over their itenerary, I get the feeling they are going to enact a big part of their political platform despite the part that they’re not in power… ie: transcendentally meditate…

… have everyone take their hats off and rub their bellies.

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