Fox News is Retarded Take 1889

I’m not sure what spurred this post, but it brings to mind the way Fox News spun out a Texas execution held as Bush was running for president.

Hannity and Colmes… A minor media blip in the 2000 election. Texas was executing someone… I don’t remember who. This execution was especially controversial for some reason — may have been one of the mentally handicapped persons, and was racially charged as the death penalty tends to be.

Who does Hannity and Colmes have to discuss the outrage of the situation — and be the voice against the death penalty? A “black militant”. Someone named, if my memory serves right, “Kwanzi X”, the leader of the organization “The New Black Panthers” (emphasis on “New” so as to distinguish from the “sorry, lame-ass old”).

Hannity is in hysterics, as Mr. X alludes to violent measures. Echoes of Race Riots float about. Mr. X refers to the KKK as being their counter-parts, joining in the “Justice is Served” demonstrations at the other end.

The show ends, with Hannity saying “I don’t hope. Hopefully nothing violent comes out of this.”

Flick around to see how CNN and others are covering this event. Hm. CNN seems to be covering the peaceful, respectful, somber vigil. Interviews the family of the murdered. A departure from the mood that Fox News just had… but I suppose it’s the “liberal” media avoiding the speaking to these true spokepeople for those opposed to the death penalty, the “New” Black Panthers.”

Hannity and Colmes. Now we tune to the No Spin Zone of the Factor.

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