The Politics of Terror Strikes

Letters to the Editor are generally stupid

According to KATHRYN BISKA of Lake Oswego, suggests that Bush deserves another term, dumbfounded by:
He [ some letter-writer of cross-pollination purpose] seems to remarkably forget that we have not had any more 9/11s in the United States because we are rounding up the terrorists on their own turf rather than fighting them on our own

On the other hand, if we do have a post 9/11 terrorist strike, we will surely rise to the challenge and show the Terrorists that, to quote John Ashcroft, “We won’t be like Spain.”

Either way, we must elect George W Bush. Right?

Oh… Skip this post here in general, and read reply # 7 from “murdoc”), scratch your head with your historical knowledge of why that is so wrong-headed, and then move on to some of the responses (say… reply #9).

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