Mr. AlGore

Brief review of Al Gore’s career:

He’s the first face ever to be seen on C-SPAN.

While he doesn’t actually invent the Internet, (nor does he ever say that he does), history will regard him as a Visionary Public Advocate for Internet-Research Related Funding.
When you’re watching the movie Love Story, you are watching characters largely based on Al and Tipper Gore. No… really. You are. Weird, ain’t it?
He never said that he was responsible for cleaning up Love Canal.

His wife influenced him to go on a jihad against popular music full of Satanic lyrical content. What’s the name of the Frank Zappa album of instrumental music that received an “Explicit Lyrics” label?

He was there at the start of the founding of the DLC.

In 1988, his presidential campaign was a cross between Joseph Lieberman’s “the other Democrats in this race are out of touch” and John Edwards’s “I’m a southerner and occasionally a populist” 2004 quest.

His vote in favor the Gulf War may just have been Bill Clinton’s deciding factor in selecting him to be his running mate back in 1992.

He “lost” the debates against George W. Bush because he “sighed”. Or so I’ve been told.

He grew a beard. Remember? Beard. Who in their right mind grows a beard?

Okay… Onto his latest speech, and his new incarnation as the “Liberal firebrand” “in exile”:

Gore’s remarks.

The rightward media selects a couple specific moments to excerpt as soundbytes. The moments when he comes across as angry, yelling over a cheering “Heil Gore” crowd. (The most sensationalistic moment of the speech being his listing of the administration figures who ought to resign.) Rush Limbaugh goes straight to Gore’s mention of his name (some Newsmax propaganda for you.)

My comment? Good speech.

Room enough for Velvet Gloves.

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