Chalabi Again

I don’t know why the Chalabi story has been under reported. True, it is a tad more complicated to unravel than the simpleton “evildoers” arguments we are all used to. But it’s not that hard to explain:

First, Chalabi was the leader of the Iraqi National Congress, a group that was set up with US assistance, didn’t have anything to do the actual government of Iraq, wasn’t a governing body, wasn’t even in Iraq, but sounded like it was all that.

Contrast this with the Iraqi Governing Council that was also set up by the US, actually is forming the government in Iraq, is a governing body, actually is in Iraq, but is in no way to related Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress. Simple really.

Here’s where I think people get lost. When Chalabi was the head of the INC (not the IGC) he was convicted for embezzlement, fraud and currency-trading irregularities in Jordan. So of course when Chalabi passed “secret” information about WMDs in Iraq to the US of A the Bush administration listened and put him on the US payroll (not to be confused with the US payroll for the INC).

So while on the US payroll, but no longer the head of the INC (not the IGC), Chalabi passed secret US information to Iran (not Iraq). Of course, the IGC had nothing to do with this at all. The US then kicked Chalabi off the payroll, raided his house in Iraq (not Iran), claimed the Iraqi police did it (not the US), and broke Chalabi’s family photos which really ticked off Chalabi.

So of course, seeing his family photos broken and all, Chalabi hits the TV talk show circuit, appearing on ABC, NBC an d CBS claiming that the CIA was behind all this because he was speaking out against the US of A and only wanted a free Iraq (not Iran). Of course, Russert on MTP told Chalabi that it was the DIA, no the CIA that outted him. Now we are told the FBI is investigating.

So now all Americans have to do is differentiate between two similar sounding organizations with their origins in US policy: the INC that wasn’t in Iraq and the IGC which is in Iraq, then figure out whether Chalabi is an embezzler in Jordan, a spy from Iraq or a spy from Iran or all of the above, then deduce which organization, the CIA, DIA or the FBI, he’s under investigation of, and finally clarify which US payroll Chalabi was on when Bush started looking for Chalabi’s WMD’s in Iraq (not Iran) that proved Saddam was a threat to the US of A PDQ requiring our invasion of Iraq ASAP.

Nope, I can’t understand why this story is under reported.

(In the comments of Joe Trippi’s stumbling post-Dean blog here

Though, to be honest, I have the gut feeling the real story is rather simple.

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