Names that Keep Coming Up

The names keep popping up.

Bob Kerrey, former Senator from Nebraska, is being talked up as a possible John Kerry running mate option.

His “star” just “rose” after his 9/11 Investigation performance this week, where it is said he was tough, judicious, and fair (bi-partisan in his criticism toward both the Bush and Clinton administrations).

There were two moments from yesterday’s questioning that it is at least possible to imagine that Kerrey was telegraphing political messages, seemingly at odds with one another:

All of us who have provided background briefings for the press before should beware. I mean, Fox should say ‘occasionally fair and balanced’ after putting something like this out, because they violated a serious trust.

Fox News is, of course, the RNC News Network… and this criticism does not go unnoticed with the Democratic base.

Quote #2, just asserting a hawkish stand that John F. Kerry will more than likely want to attach himself toward:

And secondly, I don’t see it as you do, that the war in Iraq has increased the threat of terrorism. I honestly don’t.

Unless you say that the threat of terrorism in Iraq is unquestionably gone up as a consequence of Al Qaida feeling even more opposition to freedom in Iraq than they do in freedom in the United States.

They feel much more threatened by having an Arab democracy than they do by having a democracy in the United States.

Second figure to watch for.

AND… Zbigniew Brzezinski might be telegraphing his desire to be part of a Kerry administration, travelling the lecture circuit in support of his new book… Brzezinski of this fame.

Confidence-inspiring, ain’t it?

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