Flashback to 1936

About “Democrats for Landon”…

Alfred Smith, the Democratic Party’s 1924 and 1928 nominee for president, was the most prominent Democrat opposed to the then current Democratic party leadership, and the most important Democrat who voted for Landon in 1936.

To quote Al Smith, “The regulars were out on a limb holding the bag, driven out of the party because some new bunch that nobody ever heard of in their life before came and took charge and started planning everything.”

And he was trotted out by various Republicans and Business leaders to make speak out against FDR.

Parallels with Zell Miller? Well, there is one key difference: In Smith’s case, there was a shift in the Democratic Party that one could easily oppose or support. In the case of Zell Miller, it’s hard to tell what Miller’s beef with Clinton is.

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