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I stare and scratch my head at a Huffington Post. “John Bolton Reveals Who He’ll Vote For and… Um…” . The answer is Dick Cheney. He is writing in Dick Cheney. I don’t understand from whence comes the “um”. If you asked me who John Bolton was voting for and gave me a chance of three guesses, Dick Cheney would be one of them. And it such that if he could clear himself to Joseph Biden, it would be probably be prudent to hide this information, lest that turn away voters in the Democratic base. The story headline is a not a story.

If John Bolton is a bridge too far, we are a couple steps from basically about the only issue that could drive a Nikki Haley primary not Biden voter already to Biden. International affairs, NATO, Ukraine. I find the Biden Haley seeking ads obnoxiously ineffective, back to the easily rationalized as “just mean tweets”. It may be the case that the split of the vote will go its way no matter what Trump or Biden do.

I overhear the conversation amongst a group of sports fan and Catholic religious parents. A man is morally upset by a fundamental unfairness of Biden’s student loan forgiveness plans, and the manner he went about it. Another guy here chirps “One of the proudest days of my life is the day I got in my last payment on that and I got that paid.”. It is possible that some other issue will be the last issue on their mind when they turn in their ballot but at this moment I don’t see them not voting in something other than a maga mindset for Trump — a stopover of thought before to apolitical conversations on seeing a daughter off to college. Meanwhile another group, older than them, that I hear from time to time speak of friends, associates, who voted for Trump in 2000, and not doing it again because, duh, January 6. The hope in the hands of this demographic that they hold the line in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and surge ahead to keep the ironically diciest enterprise of Michigan.

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